The dead in Syria, the Russian Slyshkin served in “the Wagner group”

“The Wagner Group”

Killed in Syria’s 23-year-old Ivan Slyshkin fought in the ranks of private military companies (PMCs) Wagner, told his former colleague at contract service in Chechnya and confirmed by a source familiar with the organization of the Syrian operation. The Ministry of defence are unable to provide you with comments regarding the death of Slyshkina.

“The Wagner group”, as wrote, took part in operations in the middle East against militants of the banned in Russia “Islamic state”. For the first time about “the Wagner group” and its involvement in the Syrian war said “Fontanka” in October 2015. The publication claimed that the mercenaries were seen on the South-East of Ukraine, where they took part in the fighting on the side of the breakaway republics. About it wrote and The Wall Street Journal. “The Wagner group” got its name in the Callsign of the leader of the detachment, said the sources , personally familiar with Wagner.

Slyshkin were trained on the basis of Molkino in Krasnodar territory before sending in the combat zone, said the source, who fought in Syria. “Draw your own conclusion, where he served and who paid him the money,” he said. The girl who died, Christina gaynutdinova said that on 10 January Slyshkin really went to Krasnodar. “About PMC Wagner nothing he didn’t tell me and you about is no one will say. Ivan didn’t really say, because when he went there, they were assured of the confidentiality agreement, this secret was all she said. — Before that in Chechnya he had served nearly two years under the contract”.

“The Wagner group” works on the basis of Molkino in Krasnodar territory, where it has the strength of 10-th separate brigade of GRU of the defense Ministry, explained FSB officer and one of the soldiers who served under Wagner.

Gaynutdinova said that during a trip to Syria, spoke to Slyshkina “just personal”: “the service was there that he told all his phones were tapped”.

The circumstances of the death

Slyshkin was killed by a sniper on February 12, 2017. According his funeral took place in the city of Ozersk in Chelyabinsk region on March 2. “A month and a half ago Ivan Slyshkin was on a military airfield in Shayrat, 35 km South-East of the city of HOMS. There participated in the training groups of the Syrian military in the liberation of the oil fields of Typhoon Haiyan. A week was killed during a reconnaissance operation in the field area Shaer,” — said the source involved in military action in Syria. According to him, Slyshkin was prepared by members of the elite armed forces of Syria under the name “the Hunters of ISIS” (ISIS Hunters).

The formation of a “hunting ISIS” is fully financed and trained by the Russian security services, wrote the information-analytical Agency Free News. According to him, “hunters” are trained in Latakia before they were transferred to the Eastern part of the province of HOMS, where they participate in operations in the Western part of Palmyra

Slyshkina was killed by a sniper, said a former colleague of the deceased. “We found out [about his death] in the 20’s of February. We got the call. It wasn’t presented. As mentioned, the shot was in the head. The parents have departed for the body to Rostov Monday,” — said gajnutdinova .

A farewell ceremony for the military was held at the Church of the Holy virgin. Familiar Slyshkina Dmitry Machnow reported that he attended the funeral of a soldier, to say goodbye to him came from 80 to a hundred people: “Come all who knew him. Representatives of the Ministry of defense and the administration has not seen.”

“From 12 to 25 numbers on it at all no information was, said a former colleague Slyshkina. — Contracted body home do not return. Agreed through a friend — the body was brought first to Moscow, then to Rostov. When he was taken to Russia, don’t know, but the family behind him flew from Chelyabinsk on 26 February. The body they identified”.

In the residents of Ozersk says that family and friends want to install a plaque in memory of the deceased. To obtain official permission for its installation may require the collection of signatures. However, the case of military personnel such signs without any signatures puts the defense Ministry, said in a conversation with the head of the group of independent investigators armed conflict Conflict Intelligence Team Ruslan Leviev. The circumstances of the funeral show that Slyshkina the PMC, said Leviev.

Mercenary banned

Russia banned any military service if it is not connected with the government. So, for participation in armed conflicts in the territory of another country provided up to seven years in prison (article 359 of the criminal code), recruitment, training, financing mercenary, “as well as their use in armed conflict or hostilities” — up to 15 years. Other laws regulating the sphere of mercenarism in Russia.

Private military company Wagner appeared in the middle East shortly before the fall of 2015, Russia began to formally expand its base, said earlier in a conversation with an officer of the Ministry of defense. This information was confirmed by a source familiar with the operation. A total of near Latakia and Aleppo were located almost 2.5 thousand people, led the operation employees of the GRU and the FSB.

According to a former colleague Slyshkina salary in PMC Wagner based in Russia begins from 80 thousand rubles, and in Syria — about 250 thousand rubles. month. For the deceased under the contract provided for compensation. Use of the “Wagner group” in the Syrian conflict has cost in the amount of 10.3 billion rubles., estimated.

With the participation of Angelica Bassini, Sergey Vitko