The interior Ministry General arrested on suspicion of bribery

The interior Ministry General arrested on suspicion of bribery

The former Deputy commander of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs (currently Regardie) Vyacheslav Marchuk was detained and arrested by court on suspicion in bribe, according to the source TASS in law enforcement bodies.

Advisor to the Director of Regardie Alexander Khinshtein confirmed the Agency the arrest of Varchuk. “This is a system working together to restore order in the Department. This also applies to former executives, those who are not moved to new structure,” he said.

Information about the arrest of Varchuk confirmed a senior source in the leadership of one of the law enforcement agencies. The press service of Regardie refused to comment on the arrest of Varchuk. “Now no internal forces. Information on the authority that does not exist, and people that are no longer serve — I don’t know how this is true,” — said the duty officer of the press service of Regardie.

About the detention and arrest of Varchuk reports and Life. According to sources, during interrogation he was accused of receiving large sums of money. Speech, the newspaper notes, is about 10 million rubles.

The money, according to Life, Marcuse gave one of his subordinates, Colonel Alexander Kostin. Indications and Marchuka, and Kostin gave, writes the edition, the detainee earlier, “the officer SCS Russia Gostev”. He told investigators that gave a cash reward to Colonel Kostin, and he went with the money to her supervisor. Instead, Kostin and Marchuk promised Hostevo to assist in the budget allocation of 250 million rubles for their work.

Informed about the criminal case against Kostin told Kommersant. The publication calls him a former Deputy head of the financial Directorate of the internal troops of the interior Ministry. According to the newspaper, he is accused of receiving a bribe of 10 million rubles, which promised to facilitate the communications of internal troops in the allocation of additional funds in the amount of 250 million rubles.

As follows from the materials of the case, the newspaper, Kostin with the end of 2015 was negotiating with “a certain Alexander Guest” on the possibility of allocating additional money to the office of communications of internal troops. Bribe Alexander Gostev, passing on business as the witness, considered in the 51st military investigation Department of the TFR transferred to the accused Kostin parts from December 2015 to February 2016.

The case was filed in late December 2016. “Apparently, the Colonel did not fulfill its obligations, after which it was filed in the FSB of Russia in the internal troops of the MIA of Russia”, — informs “Kommersant”. On December 19 last year, according to the newspaper, Kostin was summoned for questioning and subsequently detained and charged under part 6 St. 290 criminal code (bribery in especially large size).

Later Advisor to the Director of Regardie Khinshtein said that the arrest of the former Deputy commander of interior Ministry troops was sanctioned on March 5. He said that, Marchuk held the post until April 2016, to the creation of national guard troops, and in the new structure don’t hit, “largely due to it issues.” A criminal case, which is currently investigating bodies of military investigation in the framework of delayed and Varchuk, — was the “logical continuation of a systematic campaign to clean up the ranks,” said Khinshtein. He did not exclude that in the future the list of names implicated in corruption cases, can be extended.

As written, the report in 2015, Deputy commander of the internal troops of the MIA of Russia for financial and economic work, Marchuk was one of the most highly paid soldiers of the national guard. He took second place in the list with an income of 9.1 million RUB Overtook him Deputy commander of the Siberian regional command of internal troops of the MIA of Russia for logistics Vladimir Bloodless (9,2 million rbl.), and the head of the national guard rounded out the top three leaders (6.3 million RUB).