LC and Kiev broke the agreement for the breeding of forces in the Donbas

Breeding forces in the village of the Luhansk (Lugansk region of Ukraine) has failed once again. According to the Plenipotentiary representative LNR Vladislav Deinega, the Republic was ready to proceed with the withdrawal of forces and means. For this purpose the militia, at 12 o’clock launched a flare and waited for a response signal for the start of the withdrawal of forces. “The Ukrainian side did not react”, — he said . According to Dane, in fact, “divorce forces will not again”.

The representative of the headquarters ATO Leonid Matyukhin said , why not place scheduled for March 7, divorce of forces and means in the Village of Lugansk. “As far as I know, there is an agreement that if throughout the week there will be no attacks, then there will be breeding. But the attacks were not only two extreme days, and before that was constantly”, — said Matyuhin.

As confirmed on Tuesday, 7 March, channel 112ua Deputy head of the Luhansk military-civil administration Yuriy Klymenko, the Ukrainian military will take the troops only on the condition that within seven days there will be no attacks. “Unfortunately, I don’t remember such a long time did not shoot. The last time the Village fired on the night of 5-6 March. The shelling was in the vicinity of the PPC “Stanitsa Lugansk”. In our opinion, it is still dangerous,” — said Klimenko.

In September 2016 at a meeting of the Contact group signed a framework agreement on the breeding of forces and resources in three pilot areas of Donbass. The document defined the procedure for the cultivation of the opposing sides near the village of Petrovskoe (DNR), urban-type settlement Stanytsia Luhanska and the city of gold (both are in the LC).

Breeding forces near the village of gold took place on 1 October, 7 October, the parties took power in the Petrovsky district, on the 9th October was planned vent in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska. However, the Ukrainian defense Ministry announced the postponement of the withdrawal of forces in the area. The withdrawal of forces near the village of the Luhansk can not take place for nearly five months.