Navalny told about the plans to support a Communist in the elections of the mayor of Moscow

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny in an interview with radio station “Echo of Moscow in Ufa” admitted that elections of the mayor will support the candidate from the CPRF Andrew Klychkov. “I think the strongest candidate Klychkov from the Communist,” said Navalny, and added that, in his opinion, the Communists have more chances to win than the representatives of the “Yabloko”.

“To defeat the candidate of “United Russia” is so important that it is possible and necessary to unite with the Communists”, — said the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption. So Navalny responded to a question about whether he would cooperate with the headquarters of the ex-Deputy Dmitry Gudkov, who also plans to run for mayor.

Press Secretary of the head of FBK Kira Armys in conversation with noted that while talking about the support of Navalny “anyone else before.”

Gudkov for this information, he said, was news. “But I’m not surprised: he [Navalny] is me and in the Duma elections is not supported”, — told ex-the Deputy of the state Duma. According to Gudkov, he did not count on the support of the Bulk, so his statement of his “not upset”.

Andrey Klychkov, in conversation with has not excluded that will support Navalny. “I didn’t ask for this support. But I’m excited to hear from my political opponents that people really appreciate [my] political points and authority in Moscow”, — he said.

17 Feb Klychkov said he plans to run for mayor of Moscow. The candidate from the Communist party said that “to realistically assess their chances” and thinks he can win. On the nomination Gudkov has become known at his press conference on February 21. Then the ex-MP said he intends to become a single candidate for mayor by the Democrats.

Political analyst Yury Zagrebnoy in conversation with noted that failure to support the Bulk of the “Apple” candidates “for a long time”. “Navalny for many years as distanced from the “Apple”, were negative for both parties controversy,” — said the expert. According to him, the candidate of the Communists support Bulk — luck rather than a challenge, especially “common ground they have.” In the fall of 2013 during his own mayoral campaign, Navalny spoke to the Moscow city Duma, with the support of the Moscow Communist party faction, headed by Klychkov, recalled Stroke.