Russian banks began to serve customers passports the LC and the DNI

Banks do not recognize the passports issued in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, found. Credit institutions do not serve holders of these passports despite the decree of President Vladimir Putin, under which Russia recognized as valid were issued in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine documents proving the identity.

The decree was signed in February. The Kremlin emphasized that the documents DND and LNR recognized for humanitarian reasons due to the fact that because of the blockade of Donbass by Kiev, hundreds of thousands of people are unable to obtain travel documents and passports, as well as to extend their action. The document stressed that “the decree temporarily until a political settlement of the difficult situation in regions of Ukraine”.

Banks are not willing

None of the top 30 banks surveyed did not directly said he was ready to serve the customers with passports LC and the DNI, in most cases, banks either did not respond to the official request , or vaguely said that works in Russia only Russian citizens. Only a few banks have acknowledged officially that they have limitations when working with document owners of the DNI and LC.

So, the call center of Sberbank said that with the passport or DNI and LC, it is impossible even to place funds on Deposit. “Passports of citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk republics are not accepted by the Bank for implementation of banking operations, as the DNI and LC are the self-proclaimed republics are not recognized by Russia and the international community as a separate state,” — said in a call centre. Luhansk and Donetsk Republic has not concluded the agreement on recognition of official documents issued by their competent authorities, so at the moment, the savings Bank does not provide any banking services to the citizens of the LC and the DNI, said the Bank.

The official representative of Sberbank confirmed that while no services to the citizens of the DNI and the LC Bank has not. He referred to the fact that “since the signing of the presidential decree on the recognition of passports DNI and the LC Bank has had time to organize the reception as a document of identity, new passports”. “In the coming days all the processes for adapting to receive a new document will be completed, after which the savings Bank is ready to serve the persons seeking passports, the DNI and the LC, in all branches of the Bank”, — said the representative of the press service of Sberbank.

The Ural Bank for reconstruction and development referred to the lack of precision in special regulations. As the head of financial monitoring Department of the Bank Alexey Potapov, changes in the regulatory documents of Bank of Russia “would exclude some caution in the banking community”.

Often the client orally for whatever reasons, refuse to provide banking services that, in turn, does not deprive the potential customer of the right to appeal to the Bank in writing that it may be more efficient, says a partner bar Association “Ohanyan, Arepjev and partners” Zelimkhan Arepyev. He notes that banks have traditionally referred to the fact that provide banking services only to citizens of Russia, and have temporary or permanent registration in its territory. In addition, they are often asked to provide to open an account additional documents confirming the right of stay on the territory of Russia, in particular the residence permit in Russia.

Also, banks may refuse service to clients, referring to the fact that you can’t check the validity of identity documents. For example, the validity of passports of citizens of Russia, banks check on the basis of the FMS, and the passports of the LC and the DNI, such verification is difficult.

Reason for refusal no

Lawyers say that the provisions of paragraph 1.4.4 499-P (“On identification by credit organizations of clients, client’s representatives, beneficiaries and beneficial owners for the purposes of counteraction of legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way and financing of terrorism”) relates to the necessary identification documents and “other documents recognized in the framework of the Russian legislation and international treaties of Russia”.

Decrees of the President of Russia are obligatory for execution in all territory of the country, they have Supreme legal force after the Constitution and Federal laws, said Zelimkhan Arepyev. “In such circumstances, the failure of the Bank with reference to “the non-recognition of passports Bank” is illegal,” adds the lawyer.

No exceptions to date in relation to the citizens of DPR, LPR, Ukraine or other States and persons without citizenship in the Russian legislation does not contain, notes the partner of legal Bureau “Zamoskvorechye” Dmitry Shevchenko. “The only formality while taking on the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship is compliance with Bank requirements identify that person on the basis of documents proving the identity. Because passports of citizens of these republics were officially recognized in Russia, identification problems in the acceptance of the banking services these persons should not be”, — he adds.

“DNR and LNR formally unrecognized territory, and the Federal law on the recognition of the missing. To obtain a clarification from the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoring on this issue, the holders of passports of the LC and the DNI can continue to experience these issues”, — the partner of legal firm “paper bags, Kolotilov and partners” Oleg Kolotilov, referring to article 10 of the Federal law “On legal status of foreign citizens in Russia”.

The Bank of Russia has not responded to the request .