The head of the Committee of Congress has stated there are no facts of the wiretapping trump

The Chairman of the special Committee of the U.S. house of representatives intelligence Devin Nunes said that he has no evidence the wiretapping of the phones of the President of the United States Donald trump’s ex-head of state Barack Obama. He stated this during a press conference, reports Reuters.

“I have not seen such evidence. I think the more important question, which needs to be addressed is whether Mr. trump or any of his employees was the target of the surveillance is intelligence or law enforcement agencies,” said núñez.

He noted that the governmental Committee should be aware “of any investigation of counterintelligence.” “If trump, or any other political campaign, or anyone associated with trump was exposed to any inquiry, then, obviously, this question needs to be raised to the level of the group of eight [heads of eight agencies of the United States. —]”, — stressed the head of the ad hoc Committee.

Earlier, on March 4, Donald trump has accused former President Barack Obama in the wiretapping of telephone conversations of Republican in the Trump Tower in October of 2016, shortly before the final phase of the presidential election. The current head of state compared it with the Watergate scandal of 1972, when the allegations of wiretapping led to the resignation of US President Richard Nixon. Trump assured that the people involved in its wiretapping “nothing found”. Trump instructed to investigate the situation in the us Congress.

According to sources The New York Times, the head of the FBI Jason Komi Republic has asked the U.S. justice Department to publicly refute the statements of trump. Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis, in turn, charges trump the wiretap is denied.