The state office of public Prosecutor of Germany will examine the data on WikiLeaks “spying” from the U.S. Consulate

The General Prosecutor’s office of Germany will examine new documents published yesterday by Wikileaks concerning the activities of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA). About it to Agency Reuters said the representative of the Prosecutor General of the country

“We will start investigating if we see evidence of specific criminal acts or specific perpetrators,” — said the representative of the Prosecutor General. “We very closely follow the observed”, – he added.

In turn, the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany said Wednesday that Berlin is in close contact with Washington about the documents made public. According to Reuters, the representative of the German foreign Ministry stressed that first of all it is necessary to check whether these documents are genuine.

On Tuesday, March 7, WikiLeaks began publishing leaks of documents relating to CIA activities. In particular, some of the documents shows that the CIA organized the secret “hacker database”in the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt-on-main. There, according to WikiLeaks, organized cyber-attacks on Europe, the middle East and Africa.

Other documents indicate the existence of a global program for hacking various devices and systems, including the iPhone, Android operating systems and Windows and even TVs Samsung, which was able to turn into a recording device.

This leak is the largest leak of confidential intelligence data, emphasizes WikiLeaks. Eve was published only the first portion of the document.