“Thaw of the President”: who is behind the release of defendants in high-profile cases

“Thaw of the President”: who is behind the release of defendants in high-profile cases

Rallies, repost.

The first person tried for repeated violations at rallies Ildar Dading, Eugene Chudnovets, which was sentenced to six months in prison for repost the video with the abuse of a child, and received seven years imprisonment for treason by SMS Oksana Sewaside was released after the intervention of Vladimir Putin and the presidential administration, told three high-ranking Federal official and employee of the Central office of the Prosecutor General. This information was confirmed by a source in the Federation Council and two of the interlocutor in the State Duma leadership. The mechanism of release, it follows from their explanation, was in each case different, and supervising Department was assigned technical function.

Dading was convicted in December 2015, three years imprisonment, in March 2016, the Moscow city court reduced the sentence to two and a half years. In the fall, the prisoner had complained of torture in the Karelian prison where he was serving a sentence. In February 2017 the constitutional court (KS) has considered the complaint, the Dading article 212.1 of the criminal code, for which he was charged. In the end, the COP recognized norm does not contradict the country’s Basic law, but ruled that the verdict against opposition leader subject to revision. On February 22 the Supreme court at the request of the Prosecutor General decided to free Dading.

Ildar Dading

Photo: Alexey Zweigert / TASS

Chudnovets received six months in prison in November 2016 for the repost in a social network “Vkontakte” the video with the abuse of a child in summer camp. According to her, she did a repost to draw attention to this case. After the case drew attention first Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, and then edition of “the Media”, the Kurgan regional Prosecutor’s office asked when considering the appeal to release Chudnovets, but the court only reduced the sentence by one month. In February, 2017 at the request of the Prosecutor General, the Supreme court sent the case back for reconsideration, and on March 6, a court in Kurgan released the teacher.

Sewaside, was sentenced to seven years in prison in March 2016 for SMS, which was sent in 2008 to a friend, Timur, Burkadze from Sukhum. Shortly before the outbreak of hostilities in South Ossetia, Buscarse texted her and asked if she’d seen military equipment in Sochi. The woman replied that he had noticed a train with equipment which went in the direction of Abkhazia. The investigation was called, Buscarse Georgian scout. December 1, Sebastiai became known through the publication of the edition “jellyfish”. On 7 March, the President signed a decree on pardon, Sebastini.

Personal attention of the President

In the last year, the President became to a greater extent than ever before, to pay attention to the stories of specific people, explained a senior Federal official in the fall of last year, shortly after the press Secretary head of state Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin will report on the complaint, the Dading of torture.

At the end of December during the annual press conference the President called the court’s approach to the case of Sewaside “tough enough”. “Honestly, I just don’t know the details. If she Sewaside] wrote something in her SMS messages, she wrote what I saw, it’s all seen, so it was really no mystery,” — said the head of state. He also promised to look into the matter Chudnovets.

Eugene Chudnovets

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The Kremlin began to do business Chudnovets before the press conference, said another high-ranking Federal official. “The administration of President drew the attention of the relevant authorities on the situation,” asking them “to review the circumstances of the case,” continued the source . “Everything, including the manual of authorities agreed that it [the real term for Chudnovets] a bust,” the official said. According to him, if even a question about the case Chudnovets sounded on a press-conferences, “a review of the case would still have been”.

The official stressed that it is not necessary to link the decisions in the cases of Chudnovets and Dading: “These two events are not connected. And it’s not a trend.” During the Dading administration of the President began to follow soon after, the convict told about the torture in prison, said in a conversation with an employee of the administration. However, according to him, some time all was limited only to monitoring.

In the case of Davnym the decisive role was played not so much a President, as the constitutional court, believes another senior Federal official. I agree with him, a source in the Federation Council. “There’s one sure sign: the higher a person is making a simple solution. The COP decision on the Dadina very complex, and it means that, COP it yourself, took, — said the interlocutor. — As for Chudnovets, there is presidential influence was obvious. It is unlikely that the President is someone specifically on this issue called, but the judges focused”.

The Role Of The Prosecutor General

The simple solution was adopted in the case of Sebastini, said the source in the Prosecutor’s office: the long sentence came into force, the deadline for appeal passed, so the pardon is the fastest way to get convicted. Protection Sewaside seeking recovery of the time for filing an appeal and intends to insist on justification, in spite of the pardon, but it is a long process, said a source in supervising Department.

The case of Sebastini the President was interested after the relevant question was asked at the annual press conference, said a source close to the Kremlin. This information was confirmed by a senior Federal official and a source in the leadership of the state Duma.

Attorney Sewaside Evgeny Smirnov said that he had seen the defendant in the detention center “Lefortovo” a few days before the publication of the decree of the President. Then she talked about the intention to file a petition to the head of state, said Smirnov. According to him, to explain what happened in three ways: either Sewaside signed a paper asking clemency without looking, or has filed such a petition after it was visited in jail the lawyers, or President’s initiative.

Oksana Sewaside

Photo: an account of Oksana, Sewaside “Vkontakte”

If Sewaside appealed to the President after the visit of lawyers, the presidential administration did not have time to prepare all the paperwork for pardons, said a source in the Prosecutor’s office. “In this case, we can only welcome this decision. The President promised not to leave it unattended, what actually happened,” — said Peskov after the publication of the decree.

In the case of Tadinum and Chudnovets, reminiscent of the source in supervising Department, on the review of sentences insisted the Prosecutor Leonid Korzhinek, who was mentioned in the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption on the business Empire of the sons of Yuri Chaika. Korzhinek asked to release the Dading during the hearings in the Supreme court (SC) and has directed cassation representation in the armed forces to a sentence Chudnovets. The interlocutor of TV channel “Rain” close to the investigation agencies, insists that the Agency Seagull “itself has taken a position on these high-profile cases, because the innocence of both defendants was obvious.” A source in the Prosecutor General’s office, by contrast, argues that the Supervisory authority has played a secondary role in this story.

Part of the campaign strategy

“There is an understanding that before the election of the President need a kind of liberalization,” said a senior source in the state Duma, it is possible that it may be revised a number of high-profile cases. I agree with him is another source in the leadership of the lower house of Parliament.

“It is impossible to talk about improving, but to inhibition impairments, — believes the head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov. — Given the objectives of the previous revisions of high-profile cases, there are serious reasons to believe that is happening due to the major political event of the upcoming year — the presidential election.”

The release of three prisoners — part of the President’s strategy before the election in 2018, says political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko. “This is a return to normality, but this does not mean that now most of the prisoners who had active PR will go”, — the expert believes.

With the participation of Vera Kholmogorova