The court began to bankrupt to earn more than all the Deputy of the state Duma

The arbitration court of the Arkhangelsk region began the process of debt restructuring Andrei Palkin, who took first place in the ranking of the deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation on the level of income in 2015. This was reported RAPSI in court.

Financial Manager approved managing arbitration Alexander Maksimenko. To the next court hearing, which will be held on September 19, he, along with Palkin must prepare a debt repayment plan, reports TASS.

The proceedings of bankruptcy were instituted. 8 Feb. A statement of Declaration of bankruptcy Palkin filed for arbitration on February 1. The court accepted the appeal of the Deputy immediately, citing violations of the law when it’s submission — in particular, the debtor has not sent the copy of the statement of competitive creditors and authorised bodies. To eliminate violations Palkino was given a month.

According to the NRF, the debt Palkin on February 10, was about 148 million RUB Half of this amount (76,8 mln.) — debts to the Federal budget 46,9 mln., the member must return to the budget of the Arkhangelsk region and 24.3 million RUB to the budget of the city of Kotlas.

In conversation with the correspondent the Deputy admitted that he regretted the election to the Duma, as they were forced to get rid of all business assets. He explained that, after he became Deputy, was supposed during the month to sell the apartment and equipment that were part of his business. Part of the property he sold with deferred payment for 15 years, the need to pay sales tax has come. Palkin has promised to pay off all tax debts, but for this he needed additional time.

In October 2016 analysis of the Declaration of Duma deputies and found that income Palkina in 2015 amounted to almost 1.5 billion rubles., it’s more of the income of any other Deputy of the state Duma of the seventh convocation. Palkin owned 56 apartments in the Arkhangelsk region and three in the Moscow region, he also owns more than 200 vehicles.

At the same time as regional Deputy Palkin reported income for 2015 in the amount of 483 million rubles. According to the Deputy, and RUB 1.5 billion is “total gross turnover of the holding headed by him,” and 483 million of his personal income. In the “transparency international — Russia” then noted that “the turnover of the holding” in the Declaration of the question.

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