The defense Ministry has proposed to impose penalties for refusing to leave corporate housing

The Ministry of defence has proposed fining soldiers for the sum from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles for the late check-out from the service housing. The corresponding document was published on the Federal portal of legal acts. Until March 12, the project will undergo an independent anti-corruption expertise, after which it will consider in the first reading in the state Duma.

According to article 103 of the Russian Housing code upon the dissolution or termination of the lease contract of specialized premises citizens need to release him. In case of failure these citizens are subject to deportation in the courts.

In practice, people often are not in a hurry to release them at this time, the room, even if he got permanent housing, explained the Chairman of the Military Collegium of advocates of the Vladimir Trynin. According to him, often unscrupulous people give there someone from relatives.

“Or they remain in office, and a permanent pass. Means that after getting permanent housing, a person must pass the service, that there came someone else, but this is not happening, formed a queue. This, in turn, entails additional expenditure,” said Trynin. In his opinion, the threat of a fine is a good incentive to release housing in time.

Just the queue for the property is less than 30 thousand military, said last summer the head of the Department of housing of the military Department Sergey Pies.

The military housing problem was partially solved by increasing the amount of compensation to servicemen for hiring of premises. According to information , at present such compensation for the family of three is 36.4 per thousand.

In 2016, the apartments were 28.5 thousand people, at the end of December the Minister of defence Sergey Shoigu to President Vladimir Putin. In a specialized housing Fund of the defense Ministry included a 12.1 thousand residential premises, said Shoigu.

At the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the defense Ministry discussed the development of the mortgage system. In 2016 the conference was attended by 21 thousand soldiers. The average area of the purchased apartments is 60 sq. m.