The socialist-revolutionaries invited the liberal democratic party and the Communist party to nominate General candidates for Governor

“Fair Russia” proposed that the Communists and the liberal-Democrats to nominate a single candidate from the opposition forces in the upcoming elections this year, the governors of 14 Russian regions. This is stated in the statement the party issued its press office.

“The Presidium of the Central Council of the party appeals to the leadership of the liberal democratic party and the Communist party with a proposal to conduct negotiations and to put forward in 14 regions of Russia, where there will be direct elections of the highest officials in 2017, a single candidate from the three opposition parliamentary parties,” — said in a statement.

By words spravorossov, they are ready to consider various options for joint participation in the elections. “But if, instead of the 42 candidates we can come up with 14 coordinated between candidates from each of the three parties is not only significantly simplifies the passage of the “municipal filter”, but show a real interest and constructive approach of the opposition to participate in elections in terms of the overwhelming benefits of the “party of power”.

In LDPR the idea you think is right. “We are ready to sit at the table with pen, paper and a map and discuss, for each particular region. Good idea — a single candidate will be able to at least compete,” said Vice-speaker of the state Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev.

The MP recalled that a similar experience from the parliamentary opposition were: at the election of the Governor of the Orenburg region in 2014, the three factions put forward a single candidate Sergei Katasonova (LDPR). But at the request of prosecutors, the party eventually withdrew his candidacy.

“I’m not sure that we can always negotiate, but for example in Tomsk region we have the strongest candidate of the entire opposition, the Deputy Alexey Didenko. If the faction supported him, we are ready to unite under another,” — said Lebedev.

in the Communist party to the offer spravorossov reacted skeptically. “What they (the liberal democratic party and “Fair Russia”) opposition, do not tell me, they have offices in many places there, and we have organizations in each region, why should those who are against us for our account will work. They are always on the agreements work, it’s all the gadgets from the Kremlin”, — said Deputy head of the faction Mykola kolomeytsev.

Political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov believes that the idea spravorossov makes sense, but only situational, and depending on the specific region. “If there is an understanding that a single opposition candidate can win in a particular region, it is possible,” he said in comments . While Vinogradov has noted that “the conclusion of a General agreement on a single candidate will not be beneficial to neither the Communist party nor the liberal democratic party, who often consider spravorossov as Junior partners.” He recalled that both political parties can nominate strong candidates, and the Alliance with other can damage it.