USA almost doubled the contingent of Marines to Syria for the liberation of Raqqa

The United States moved to Syria of additional artillery unit of Marines with a total population of 400 people. This was stated by the representative of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by USA John Dorrian, reports Reuters.

According to Dorrian, more troops were deployed in Syria a few days ago in order to expedite the release of Raqqa — the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). The us military would help in this Syrian democratic army and the Arab coalition.

According to Reuters, 400 Marines and Rangers arrived in Syria in addition to about 500 U.S. military deployed in the region earlier. Dorrian said that additional forces located in Syria on a temporary basis.

Informed about the transfer of additional units of the US Marines to Syria for the liberation of Raqqa reported The Washington Post, citing sources in the U.S. Department of defense. According to them, the new units of the US marine corps in Syria, there are artillery batteries of M777 howitzer caliber 155 mm, which should provide fire support to the troops during the storming of the city.

The Pentagon has refused to comment on details of the transfer of additional troops. the defense Ministry spokesman Adrian Rankin, Galloway said that could not provide information on the movement of us military in Syria “for security reasons”.

4 Mar WP citing sources in the White house announced that the Pentagon has proposed a new plan of attack on Syrian Raqqa, which provides for the strengthening of the U.S. and the lifting of restrictions the number of American commandos and military advisers.