FAS accused of colluding with contractors, the Public chamber and Russian youth

In November last year, the Center for anti-corruption policy “Apple” (DAC) said about the signs of price collusion in the conduct of electronic auctions for procurement of Rosmolodezh and the Public chamber (OP) Russia in the amount of 32.1 million RUB Collusion activists have seen a few purchases on the forums, and the preparation of analytical reports on the trades in which he published the firm “Spektr” and “Brand city”.

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) confirmed findings of collusion in the response to the DAC head Sergei Mitrokhin (the letter “Yabloko” signed by the head of the Moscow Directorate of Antimonopoly service Armen Khanyan available).

According to the FAS, in five electronic auctions, where he participated Spektr, OOO and OOO “Brand city” as well as in the auction with the participation of FE “Melnychuk” and “Brand city” installed signs agreement to manipulate prices. In other two tenders continue to be reviewed. The FAS are preparing to initiate a case on violation of antitrust legislation.

Apple drew the attention of the regulator that the contractors claimed to be non-core for themselves tenders. For example, the application for the right to hold civic forum in Chechnya filed a funeral home and a Barber shop and a report on civil society was to prepare the sewing workshop.

“Currently, the verification data obtained by the Antimonopoly body from customers trading and several electronic trading platforms, for the presence of collusive tendering,” confirmed a source in the FAS.

The chief of staff of OP Yaroslav Semenov said that the administrative offences in the work of the house: “the Subject of examination in this case was the activities of the participants, not the customer”.

Secretary OP Alexander Brechalov said that the chamber is an act of the FAS, which confirms the information given in the letter of the DAC. “FAS has checked all the purchase, and I can assure you that such facts and there are no close”, — he said.

In December 2016 Brechalov said that he will leave his post in the spring of 2017, after the termination of their powers and more to claim it will not. In the “Apple” of his statement tied up with resonance around the story about electronic auctions. However, Semenov said that this is not true.

In January of this year Brechalov predicted that the reconvening of the OP will be updated at 70-75%. Later recommendations on list of candidates for the chamber of experts presented Kudrin, who gave a low rating to the current operation OP.

DAC considered one of the hallmarks of a cartel and actions of firms participating in the tenders for the procurement of Rosmolodezh. It was about three purchases for the organization of events (total forum participants in Federal education programs, national forum and competition “Volunteer of Russia”, national forum of working youth). Also under suspicion were two purchases of merchandise.

Representatives of Rosmolodezh at the time of publication of the material did not provide comment.