Russia stopped pumping diesel fuel to Ukraine

Delivery of diesel fuel via the road from Russia to the Ukraine pipeline suspended in connection with absence of exporters of the necessary documents, the issuance of which has been the Federal service for technical and export control (FSTEC), reports “Interfax” with reference to sources in the industry.

The comment of the representative of the FSTEC, the Agency failed to obtain, but the Ministry of energy announced that the supply was suspended on 8 February, 2017 “in connection with the renegotiation of contracts for the export of petroleum products”, and the released volume of oil redistributed to other export destinations.

At the same time, the Ministry said that to talk about the termination of deliveries of Russian fuel to Ukraine “not correct” because fuel was not in the framework of the intergovernmental agreement (simply not), and “business entities based on economic feasibility”.

“In the month of February this year there were bids from oil companies for export of diesel fuel to Ukraine. This month feature export shipments have not yet been” — said the “Interfax” Advisor to the President of Transneft press Secretary Igor Demin.

FSTEC limited the supply of diesel fuel to Ukraine in September 2015. According to “Kommersant”, and then the decision was due to the desire to prevent the use of Russian fuel to Ukraine’s armed forces. In may 2016, Transneft resumed pumping diesel fuel to Ukraine.

“The application of the company “Rosneft” roughly involves the supply of up to 100 thousand tons of oil products monthly since June,” — said the then Deputy Vice-President — the Director of the Department of transport, accounting and quality of oil products of “Transneft” Vladimir Nazarov.

9 Sep 2016 became aware of a new suspension of deliveries of diesel fuel to Ukraine due to the cancellation of FSTEC certificates issued to the Russian participants of foreign economic activity on supply of oil products to Ukraine. However, since September 17, the pumping of diesel fuel have been renewed.