The head of the Russian company Vitra was killed in a helicopter crash in Istanbul

The head of one of the divisions of the Turkish company Eczacibasi died in a helicopter crash near Istanbul, according to Reuters with reference to the member of the Board of Directors of the company.

The TV channel NTV, the head of Board of Directors bülent Acsadi confirmed the death of the General Director of the Russian branch of the consortium. “On Board were the head of our company in Russia, and four of our customers from Russia,” he said, and explained that they all flew to the factory of the company.

According to the channel CNN Turk, on Board the helicopter were the head of the Russian division of the company Ozen Salim and “foreign guests” of the company — Alexey Vanin, Igor Kochergin, Lyudmila Churov and Elena Badria. Earlier that onboard the helicopter was the head of the Russian division of Eczacibasi, VitrA, Salim Ozen, reported the Hurriyet newspaper.

Salim, Ozen, CEO of VitrA in Russia (VitrA is a part of international industrial group Eczacibasi with its head office in Istanbul).

According to base “SPARK-Interfax”, Salim Ozen was led by several Russian legal entities belonging in the same group — “Eczacibasi building materials”, LLC “Vitra sanitary ware and tile”, “Vitra tiles and Vitra Plumbing”. The group owns two plants in the Moscow region for the production of ceramic tiles (production started in 2011) and plumbing (2014).

In addition to the head of the Russian division of the Turkish company, during a helicopter crash killed four Russians, said the situational crisis center of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. “Turkey — 5 people including 4 Russians were killed, 2 people injured in the helicopter crash in Istanbul”, — is spoken in the message center on Twitter.

In a press-service of the Turkish Eczacibasi group of companies, which presumably belongs, crashed near Istanbul helicopter, said that they do not provide information because they have no clear data. However, the Secretary of the office of the company has confirmed that the crashed helicopter belongs to Eczacibasi.

That under the Istanbul crashed a private helicopter, which was carrying seven people, according to Turkish TV channel NTV. According to eyewitnesses, the helicopter in a wooded area near a highway after a collision with a television tower near exhibition centre about 11.20 Moscow time.