The labour Ministry has proposed a ban on Ministers to increase the salaries of the heads of state companies

Ministers want to oblige to report to the Deputy Prime Ministers on state-owned enterprises, which rewards management more than in 8 times exceeds the salary of the workers, said the draft decree published by the Ministry of labour on Friday. The Ministry will also have to justify the need for the appointment of heads of selected state-owned enterprises higher salaries than established by law, says the project.

Under current law, the salaries of managers and chief accountants in state enterprises should not exceed the average wage in these enterprises is more than 8 times. The companies which produce strategically important, unique products, etc., of the salary guide can be more. Such enterprises are included in special lists.

The government has approved two such list — in 2012 and 2015. According to these lists, large salaries allowed to the heads of departmental institutions, security companies, state media and the Composition of the lists may be revised after consultation with the relevant Deputy Prime Ministers, assumes the project of the Ministry of labor. From the explanatory notes to the draft that only the consent of the Vice-premiers in the lists of selected state-owned enterprises and institutions will include all state-owned enterprises and enterprises where salaries manual in 15 and more times exceed the salaries of the employees.

The agreement raised the salaries of gosmenedzhery with the relevant Deputy Prime Ministers is introduced in order to eliminate unjustified differentiation between the salaries of managers and employees in state enterprises and institutions, the authors explain the project.

The initiative came after the scandal caused by allegations that the head of state “Mail of Russia” Dmitry Strashnov were allowed to receive a salary that is 500 times the average salary in the company. With reference to the copy of the order of the Minister of communications Nikolay Nikiforov reported that he has increased the limit the ratio of wages head, his deputies, chief accountant and average salary of full-time employees of “Mail of Russia”. The salary of the General Director of “Mail of Russia” can exceed 500 average salaries of employees, his Deputy — 350, and the chief accountant of 150 average salaries. In 2015 the average salary of employees was 18.8 thousand rubles, wrote the newspaper. Thus, the salary Strashnov could reach 9.4 million rubles per month (including all surcharges) or at 112.8 mln. per year.