The Netherlands denied entry to the foreign Minister of Turkey

According to the newspaper Hurriyet, the government of the Netherlands withdrew the permission to land in the country the plane Cavusoglu, who was to go there Saturday night. This happened a short time after the mayor of Rotterdam forbade him to speak at the rally in front of Turkish Cypriot residents.

Cavusoglu responded with a statement in which he called the Dutch “the Nazis and descendants of Nazis.”

The Turkish Minister was intended to apply to Turkish citizens who live in Western Europe on the eve of the referendum, which will decide on the extension of the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Against this initiative were made by Germany and Austria, which canceled the event with the participation of Turkish officials, citing security requirements.

On Saturday morning çavuşoğlu gave an interview to CNN Turk, which threatened the Netherlands with sanctions in case of failure of his plane landing in Rotterdam. “There is such politician Geert Wilders, who behaves like a Nazi. He threatens the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic that will not allow you to get in his plane. I’m still fly”, – he said. “But if the Netherlands refuse to take my flight we will impose sanctions”, – said the foreign Minister.

In response, the Agency Reuters the Dutch government said that “the threat of sanctions from Turkey makes it impossible to find an acceptable solution”.