Assad has accused the EU of spreading terrorism

Policy pursued by most European countries towards Syria and the Middle East was the cause of the spread of terrorism and large influxes of refugees in these countries. This was at a meeting with the delegation of the European Parliament said the President of the Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad, reports Reuters.

“Wrong policies in many European countries towards Syria and the middle East region as a whole, which consists in the introduction of economic sanctions, support for extremism has led to the spread of terrorism and the influx of a large number of refugees in these countries,” — said the Syrian leader at a meeting in Damascus.

According to Asada, Europe, which imposed “unjust sanctions against Syria, today is reaping the fruits of their appeasement of terrorists”. The President also noted that the frequent visits of European parliamentarians in Damascus have become a sign of the awakening of the public in Western countries, which believes Assad was misled by the media reports.

“They (MPs) want to see Syrian realities and to convey a true picture of their people”, — he stressed.

Vice-Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament Javier Couso, despite the statements of his Syrian counterpart, called for the restoration of diplomatic relations between Syria and the European Union that were severed in 2011. The European parliamentarian has assured that intends to achieve cancellation of economic sanctions which affected the Syrian people.

Earlier, Assad said that he sees no prospects for cooperation with the administration of U.S. President Donald trump, because all of us operation “took place without cooperation or consultation with the Syrian army or the Syrian government illegally”.