“Azov” told about the locking of ATMs of Russian banks in Ukraine

According to the report on the website of the Ukrainian battalion “Azov”, in the night of 12 March, unknown in Ukraine blocked the work of “dozens” of ATMs of Russian banks. To do this, they, according to the battalion, used stickers with the inscription “#rusbankover”, as well as the foam.

The message is accompanied by ten photographs. One of them shows ATM, on the screen which is pasted on the label. Shown and ATMs, which are deposited on a polyurethane foam. The photos shown, in particular, a Bank and ATM of alpha Bank. Where and who made the pictures not specified.

The head of the press service of Sberbank Alexander Baziyan said that the company “does not comment” message about blocking of ATMs of Russian banks in Ukraine.

In the call-center at Alfa-Bank Ukraine announced that “such information [about the locking of ATMs of Russian banks ] have been reported.”

On 7 March he wrote that, contrary to the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the recognition issued by the authorities of the DNI and the LC documents, the Russian banks are not yet ready to even open the deposits to their owners. However, on the same day, Sberbank reported that its offices have started to serve the customers identity by using passports of unrecognized republics. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov after that called on the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) to prohibit a savings Bank to operate in Ukraine, and the NBU has threatened the savings Bank sanctions.

March 9, subsidiary Bank of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine, PJSC “Sberbank” excluded customer service for passports of DNR and LNR. “The Bank did not serve, does not serve and does not intend to maintain the physical and legal persons on the basis of the documents issued on uncontrollable the Ukrainian power territories, and does not perform any financial operations in these territories”, — stated in the message of the credit organization.

The next day, March 10, members of the transport blockade of Donbass has stated that they intend to stop working, Sberbank. “We give two weeks all depositors of Sberbank of Russia to take their money… If the government closes this enterprise, we will close it themselves”, — said the coordinator of the so-called “headquarters of the blockade of trade with the occupiers” Anatoly Vinogrodsky.

7 Mar branch of Alfa-Bank in Odessa spilled paint. On the wall of a building pasted leaflets alleged that “Bank of the aggressor” and that soon it will be closed. On the walls someone had written: “Gontareva, burn in hell!”, referring to the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva.

January 30 this year, in Kiev held a protest near the offices of Russian banks. The participants urged the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to close all branches of Russian banks in the country and arrest Gontareva.