Diaries of perestroika: what wrote in his memoirs of Gorbachev aide Chernyaev

Diaries of perestroika: what wrote in his memoirs of Gorbachev aide Chernyaev

13 Jan 1991

“I did not think that so ignominiously will end so inspiring initiated by Gorbachev. Tire confusion and, unfortunately, confusion in the classroom, some “spontaneity” in action, and most importantly — the tendency to believe “his” and ultimately they have to seek support (the Communist party!). All this has led to “spontaneous” actions of the paratroopers and tanks in the Baltics and ended in blood. Say, in Vilnius, 180 wounded and 14 killed in one night! Lithuanian case completely ruined the reputation of Gorbachev, perhaps, and post.”

30 Jan 1991

“In General, the Politburo makes a strange impression that the party underground. Cheeky behave Rubiks, Burokyavichus, swing right. Nobody pulls”.

February 1, 1991

“Yesterday was the Plenum. I didn’t go. Disgusting. The interest disappeared. Sitting close to the office. However, the go ambassadors: English, Italian… today was Japanese. Their shame: “How is it you so? Believe not Gorbachev and Landsbergis” (one of participants of “Lithuanian movement for perestroika”, the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR. — ). Downright East patriot gorbachavez, but at heart do not believe him — not as a person, and as statesman. He improvises on a very small level. In the first two or three years of restructuring, it was even good and impressive, and now disastrous”.

19 Feb 1991

“Today, Yeltsin 40 minutes talking in the open air. Before a month has created a stir like him, the head of Russia, do not give Central television. Thus, the country was put in the rack: he, the Savior of Russia, will tell about prices, about the referendum, about the army, about everything fact. In his inarticulate style, rude and awkward he is and has done. But the referendum promised to tell later in the eve. And then read, apparently, the main reason why lunging at the TV screen — the text prepared, apparently, representatives of the “intellectual power of Russia”: Gorbachev deceiving all his policies are anti-people, on the blood of ethnic conflicts, he destroyed the country, is to blame for the impoverishment of the people, did not fulfill that promise. And so he, Yeltsin, demanding the resignation of Gorbachev. So, the gauntlet is thrown down with the towers. Now it is said “at the state level” — on behalf of Russia”.

25 Feb 1991

“Gorbachev has stood the test of Hussein. The West could not stand. We need God and the Christian Lord God will record it. But only just. Doomed to be friends with America, no matter what she did. Otherwise, again, the isolation and messed up. Pohorje and balances of the restructuring. Quite the night dragged M. S. into the office to Yakovlev. There was Primakov, Bakatin, I Ignatenko. The conversation was high, but in the traditional Russian style: “do you respect me I respect you”. Many Gorbachev said smart, but I don’t remember, because he was drunk, although kept. He first hugged me “as a soldier” (and not only Yakovleva, as always and everywhere before that). Was an excuse: the day of the Soviet army.”

July 10, 1991

“Yesterday 10:00, while at work, I watched on TV the coronation of Boris Yeltsin. It’s not just the new government, not only the new state structure. This — change the system… In the speech of the actor and the Deputy Basilashvili, written by Yeltsin’s lieutenants, is St. Vladimir the Baptist, is Sergius of Radonezh, is Peter the Great and Catherine II — the creators of the Russian state, like which is the most adequate of modern Russia… Is “the event (!) 1917″… there is No Patriotic war… After the October revolution everything is black… everything deserves only the violation and the curse.”

21 Aug 1991

“The 19th in the morning, just for the “Lighthouse” heard about the coup, began to think, how I behave with M. S. — wait, when will call? That is still the chain of command? No, that’s not right: it needs to verify my faithfulness. And he needs support. Went to see him. I wandered around the house until granddaughter I have not found. Led to his grandfather upstairs. He was lying on the bed after the procedure: it is still “donatural” sciatica.

“You know, Anatoly, began immediately, when I talked to these — any muscle I did not flinch. Was very quiet. And now Goodnight. I am convinced he is right. I am convinced that this is an adventure, and God forbid — with the blood”…


“They will not manage any clean up, nor to harvest, nor to run the economy… fail! Criminal adventure!.. Think that will do. Come back after lunch.”

November 3, 1991

“Report of the Yeltsin at the Congress of the RSFSR is, of course, breakthrough. To a new country, a new society. Although all ideas and concepts of access “to this” inherent in the “philosophy” of Gorbachev’s perestroika. But he was not able to break with their habits, though not times admitted: “we are All from the past”… But alas! Not all have the strength to break up with him until the end, and most importantly — on time! <…> His report is a breast in crosses, or head in the bushes. But Russia has always done great things”.

10 Nov 1991

“Rutskoi calls rapidly got something to prove. M. S. was taken from the ear tube and reading the paper on the table. Ten minutes or so “listening”! Then he says: “Alexander, calm down, you’re not on the front to impose from the mountains, to surround, to block, to no Chechen crawled, Dudayev’s arrest, these isolated. What? Don’t know how it will end?.. I have information that no one in Chechnya, Yeltsin’s decree does not support. All United against you, don’t go crazy”. Rutskoi again for a long time says rapidly. M. S got bored: “Okay, bye.” He puts the phone down. Me (about Rutskoi): “Nice, honest guy… But such a policy must not be allowed”.

8 Dec 1991

“Midnight. Just radio: Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Shushkevich announced the dissolution of the Soviet Union as a subject of international law on the invalidity of all laws relating to him as a state. Agreed as to co-Finance the defense… And economic mechanism — in the month of December. And I just listened to an hour and a half — recorded an interview yesterday, M. S. (Ukrainian TV), where he violently and passionately argued that “break” is impossible, and that the rejection of the Union — death to all. Interviewer-crest did not give the word to insert… And that he over the heads “of these new politicians have emerged over the two years,” will address the nation and if he has more “tools”, “about which he now will not speak!”.

In short, from now on, I live in another state — Russia, and I have actually unemployed”.

12 Dec 1991

“In the evening called me (Gorbachev. — ). Sad. Asked about his impressions of the Russian Parliament, which ratified the Belavezha agreement… marveled At the insults cosmonaut Sevastyanov who has declared from the rostrum of the Parliament, the document is weak, but well that the “Gorbachev era” is over. Shallow empty people!.. The era of Gorbachev is just beginning!”

22 Dec 1991

“Yesterday, the Alma-ATA mayhem. Turn, probably comparable to 25 October 1917 and with such uncertain consequences. Gorbachev just roughly thrown off. Not even adopted a special document about the “elimination” him as head of state. Nicholas II even sent an “authoritative delegation” Duma with a request to “add yourself”, about the abdication. And Gorbachev — only press conference Yeltsin, responding to a question, explained: Yes, were discussing his fate, will not go on as before with our leaders: to bury, then perezahoranivat to declare a criminal. Will — how in a civilized country. He determined the material content and “all” his “situation after the resignation”. And it happened, by the way, exactly four months after the coup and on the day of Stalin’s birth! The Soviet Union is no more.”

30 Dec 1991

“Yesterday, Yeltsin said the new year’s speech. You would have to agree, if by “reported” to whom he owes the fact that it can so to speak and so “to work”… But no word… on the Contrary, the left, say, Russia to me that in her 70 years hosted the enemy… But in Minsk, everything went smoothly, but nothing happens from the Commonwealth, which only a smokescreen for the collapse of the Soviet Union.”