The level of business confidence in the Russian economy reached the maximum of 3 years

The level of optimism about the future prospects of the economy in the environment of Russian business almost on par with the global average, according to Markit. Carried out by its experts, the study found that the share of Russian companies, whose executives expect growth in February 2017 exceeded the share of those who expect decline by 29 percentage points. The world average, the gap in the last month of winter 2017 to 31 PPT

Such a significant superiority of optimists over pessimists in Russia, Markit recorded for the first time since June 2013, nearly four years. For comparison, in October 2016, the number of managers of Russian companies, awaiting the growth of the economy exceeded the number of pessimists is only 18%.

Especially noticeable superiority of the optimists in the industry. Evaluation Markit, the percentage of companies planning to increase production volumes in the coming year, exceeds the proportion of those who are not waiting for growth at 34 PPT, which is maximum of two years. In the service sector, the advantage of the modest optimistic (26 PP), but it is the highest since June 2013.

In a report, Markit noted that the expected growth of production, Russian businessmen associated with the preparations for the world Cup, the revival of the Russian economy in General and access to new markets.

According to Markit economist Samuel Agassa, the level of business confidence in the Russian economy is growing steadily for the third month in a row, and its growth was accompanied by an increase in PMI (in January, the PMI index in the industry reached their highest level since March 2011, but in February decreased slightly).

In early March, 2017 experts Markit noted that the leaders of most of the companies expect an increase in demand, the new long-term contracts and the resumption of economic growth will increase the volume of their production in the next 12 months. The degree of optimism on this issue in the Markit praised as the highest for 21 months.

“Most encouragingly, the degree of optimism was the brightest one in may 2015”, – said the chief economist at Markit Paul Smith.