CEC pondered the cancellation of the purchase of the new Cohiba because of rising prices

Disputes about the price

The Central election Commission (CEC) may abandon the purchase of “electronic ballot boxes” ballot — Cohiba, told four close to the Central electoral Commission source. The Commission discussed the purchase of the company “KROK”, developed the “electronic ballot box” for the 2016 election, said the interlocutors , but this time “KROK” for 280 thousand rubles. per set. The price of the Commission considered excessive.

In the Committee are “heated debate” about whether to buy Cohiba, confirmed by one of the members of the CEC. However, the final decision thereon is still pending, and the development of “electronic ballot boxes” is only one of the “hot discussions”, he said.

“KROK” under 300 thousand rubles. [a second source said the amount of 280 thousand rubles.] COHIBA requested — said another CEC member Eugene Kolyushin. — Wish the price was smaller. With other companies discussed the purchase, it’s unclear who it will be, most likely, will announce a tender”.

In the Commission proposal “KROK” has caused discontent, because the technical requirements Koibem (working document, not yet approved, were available) were “originally, they prescribed [in the document]”. “In my last convocation there is a feeling that all enchanted by “KROK”, the company monopolized,” he added Kolyushin.

“Technical requirements are not just written in such detail, not so many companies that are just ready to meet them” — I agree one of the sources .

E-auction for production of Cohiba, according to the unified information system in procurement, yet to be announced.

The press service of the CEC promised to later comment on the issue of procurement of Cohiba.

COHIBA new generation

CEC appealed to the “CROC” to inquire about the cost of production of Cohiba-2017, confirmed in the press service of the company. Price, according to representatives of “KROK”, will depend on the terms of delivery, the quantity, technical requirements and warranty conditions, so it will be able to call only after the publication of the final hardware requirements.

Representatives of the “CROC” previously announced that will participate in the competition for the production of “electronic ballot boxes” along with other manufacturers, but “only if manufactured by the device will match the competitive TK”. The company said that this “CROC” is a prototype of the fifth generation of “electronic ballot boxes” — COHIBA-2017.

The complex differs from previous versions by the presence of the color touch screen, integrated battery for Autonomous operation, the ability “welcome voice” voter and several other technical features explained in a press-service. In this part of the function of the system, according to them, if necessary, can be eliminated.

The procurement plans

In January of this year, the CEC reported that in reserve, the Commission is about 5.7 thousand Cohiba old model. For the procurement of new systems was planned to use the savings for the state Duma elections, which are about 550 million rubles of This amount at the January meeting of the Commission was announced by the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev in February said that the CEC is planning to buy a 2.5-3 thousand of new facilities, and added that to invest in the purchase can also Moscow and Moscow oblast, which “plan to allocate comparable with our amount of money.”

When calculating it turned out that with the purchase of 2,5 thousand complexes that one will make about 220 thousand roubles Then it was reported that the CRIC requested the making of one of the complex about 250 thousand Bulaev, commenting on this, suggested to increase competition, to “not monopoly inflated price”: “Those who really could make a Cohiba, have to balance their desires with the possibilities of the Federal budget, we can’t infinitely expensive to buy.”


This conflict with the “step” for CEC, not the first. In November of 2016 FAS after the Commission filed a case against the suppliers of the equipment for the gas “Vybory”, including ZAO “CROC Incorporated”. Then it was reported that FAS suspects the companies-suppliers that they concluded an anticompetitive agreement to participate in the auction for the supply of system units.

The company “KROK” is among the ten largest IT-companies in Russia. It is engaged in the supply and servicing of computer equipment. “KROK” participated in the establishment of “Vybory” information system FSB and the examination, as well as develop solutions for exemplary branch of the Russian on the island before the APEC summit. The General Director “KROK” is Boris Bobrovnikov, and established she was, according to the database “Cardfile”, through the Cyprus offshore company “Barlows investments limited”.

Cohiba — complexes consisting of a pair of scanners and printers — began to be widely used in the regional elections of 2010. At that time, CEC has developed requirements for facilities that have been identified by their desired cost — from 30 to 40 thousand rubles per one complex. In the preliminary draft new technical requirements for Koibem mention of the desired value of the complexes yet.