In the center of Kiev threw stones at the Department of Alfa-Bank

Protesters gathered in Central Kiev, threw stones at the building of alpha Bank, the correspondent of “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to him, initially radical activists tried to get to the office of SCM (System capital Management). Then they went down to Khreshchatyk, where the building is situated.

Agency UNN reports that one of the protesters knocked down the sign from the office of Alfa-Bank, others threw the door with a brick. “The crowd shouts supported the activists. In a second in the crowd a fight broke out”, — reports the Agency.

“Interfax-Ukraine” reports that the crowd also smashed the Windows in the office and firecrackers exploded near him. UNIAN reports that glass doors and Windows of the office shattered and cracked.

Law enforcement officers tried to prevent the actions of the protesters, they blocked the approach to the Bank. Part of the street, where the building, was blocked.

Later UNN reported that on Khreshchatyk traffic was restored. According to the Agency, most of the activists dispersed. UNIAN publishes photos from the event, which in the Twitter places an eyewitness.

Among the participants, according to the Ukrainian edition of “Gromadska” were those who participated in actions in support of the blockade of Donbass, which took place on the Maidan. In the center of the Ukrainian capital was about 300 people.

Activists pelted stones at the office of Alfa Bank in Kiev

Monday, March 13 activists of the regiment of the National guard of Ukraine “Azov” blocked a branch of Sberbank in Central Kiev. They laid concrete blocks the entrance to the office, blocked with sandbags the entrance to the yard and painted the building of the Bank anti-Russian slogans.

The next day, the volunteers of “Azov” refused to let the employees of the office to work. The Russian foreign Ministry urged Ukrainian authorities to ensure the safety of Russian banks, and the actions of the radicals likened to a “shot itself in the foot”.