Oreshkina and images included in “the club of young leaders” of the world

The youngest Minister of the government of Russia Maxim Oreshkin (he is 34 years, with the average age of a member of the Cabinet is about 50 years old) was among the members of the club of young global leaders (Class of Young Global Leaders YGL) world economic forum (WEF).

In addition. to the list of young leaders as representatives of Russia was Catherine Baresi, the co-founder and Director of business development of the company “Actually” occupied by the development of exoskeletons for people with disabilities.

The representative of Finland in the list of YGL listed Pavel Durov, one of the founders of the social network of “Vkontakte” and the head of the company that created the Internet messenger Telegram.

WEF experts annually prepare a list of people under the age of 40 who, according to them, the best way to Express themselves in a particular area (from business and politics to sports and science), whose actions “expand the boundaries and change the world around them.” Again included in the “leaders club” of the person will be able within five years to take part in the so-called “Summer Davos,” or the Annual meeting of the new Champions and other activities of the WEF, including the election of new candidates YGL.

“Set this year gives hope that the new participants ready to tackle the most difficult and urgent tasks”, – stated in the message of the WEF.

In this year’s YGL list included only 100 people (in past years, the number of new members of the club reached two hundred), divided into two main categories which can be described as “Business” and “Everyone else.” A large part of the newcomers this year are women, and approximately half of the representatives of developing countries that, according to the report of the WEF, reflects the tendency to increase the diversity of leaders of the world.

Representatives of Russia are regularly included experts WEF YGL list. In 2016 it included the Director of the Polytechnic Museum Yuliya Shakhnovskaya, Deputy economic development Minister Stanislav Voskresensky and former Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation Lila of Tretiakov (born in Moscow, but at age 16 moved to the USA). In 2015, Russia in the list of YGL was represented by the actress Chulpan Khamatova and founder of Oktogo, Marina Kolesnik, 2014 – the founder of the Foundation for children “Naked heart” and the supermodel Natalia Vodianova, 2013- the Minister Nikolay Nikiforov and chief editor of the Russian Forbes, Elizaveta Osetinskaya, who later became the chief editor.