Chechen battalion of the military police in Syria, preparing the people of “alpha” and GRU

Chechen battalion of the military police in Syria, preparing the people of “alpha” and GRU

Help “alpha” and “Vympel”

Instructors of the international training centre of the special forces (hereinafter the center) of the Gudermes prepared located in Chechnya, the battalion of the military police before sending it to Syria in December 2016. This was stated by the head of Centre, assistant head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on power unit and Deputy head of Republican control of Regardie Daniel Martynov.

The instructors of the military police who went to Syria, at different times, served in the elite special forces “alpha”, “Vympel” and the GRU, said Martynov. The decision to send a battalion in Syria, including pre-emption of the residents of Chechnya, took leadership of the defense Ministry, he said.

“When it came about that the [sending of the battalion], Mr Kadyrov took it with great enthusiasm. It is honorable that the Chechens [soldiers from] the Ministry of defence went to give back to the Motherland there. Tactics, and combat training we guys prepared under Syria,” — said Martynov.

Serve in Syria, had the almost completely destroyed city building, said Martynov, and special tactics for such a situation.

All members of the battalion who went to Syria, are contractors with experience of service in the hot spots, said assistant Kadyrov. They know the basics of Arabic, however, “fluent” in the language of the Syrians, saying only a few people. In the few months that the battalion is in Aleppo, he was attacked, but there were no casualties. According to Martynov, the main problem faced by the military in the city, is looting.

Assistant Kadyrov did not rule out that the battalion can at any time be redeployed from Aleppo, for example, to Palmyra. In this regard, he refused to name the exact date for the return of the military in Russia. The source close to the defense Ministry, said that the return scheduled for March 17. Returning from Syria expecting military state and national awards, and certificates and awards.

The Syrian army with the help of Russian troops completely dislodged militants from Aleppo December 15, 2016. Since the beginning of December for three months in the city worked the Russian engineers. Almost simultaneously with Aleppo were sent to the battalion of the military police of the Ministry of defense of Russia, which provides security there.

The new center for special forces

Center in Gudermes, whose instructors trained Chechen battalion in Syria, due to open in 2018, said Martynov. The structure is private and is not subordinated to any Ministry, and in its construction of the “at will” invest Chechen businessmen, “who have achieved considerable success in business in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of the country,” said Martynov.

Building the main building of the international centre for special forces in Gudermes. 17 Nov 2016

Photo: Valery sharifulin / TASS

The base for the Centre will be a military town with an area of over 400 hectares with its runway, tactical reservoir and the largest in the world (4 thousand sq m) of small galleries, the press service of the Center. In the main building will consist of lectures in IT and medical training, there will be a swimming pool for practicing water exercises and gym. The Center is the “Tactical city”, the wind tunnel and the parachute complex. Just appears 40 objects to practice fighting with terrorists in urban areas, both day and night. In private will prepare instructors and bodyguards. The cost of training at the Center is not the Republic’s authorities did not disclose because “the project is still not working in the business plane,” said Martynov.

The idea of the Center came to the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov about four years ago, said Martynov.

According to him, the core of the team trainers were “boys” with whom Martynov “served together in alpha, the overall composition of the training team — 32 people. 12 of them are senior instructors, veterans of the elite special forces “alpha” and “Vympel”, attracted for implementation of special operations and high complexity (prevention of terrorist attacks, the release of the hostages). Among 12 instructors are veterans of the Main Department of the General staff (former GRU).

“From the local children, we chose the most sensible, the most literate in order to prepare them to instructors, — says Martynov. — Can be a perfect fighter and a storm of bandits, but a horrible teacher. I had a task to recruit people who would not have been perfect soldiers, but could train the perfect soldiers.”

In addition to good physical training among the selection criteria was the authority in Chechnya and belonging to a certain teip (clan). Martynov did not specify what kind of tape is “priority”. In particular, Ramzan Kadyrov belongs to the most numerous and honourable teip Benoy.

Center staff receive “much more” than, for example, in Alfa, where wages are “almost corresponds to the load level, which the guys perform,” says Martynov. But the salary he did not disclose. For comparison, the average salary of instructors in the parts of the special operations Forces (SDF) of the Russian armed forces is 90 thousand rubles after taxes, said a source in power structures.

All the instructors of the Center live in the skyscrapers of Grozny city, the capital of the Republic, each have a personal car. Wife of staff employed and their children are identified in good kindergartens and schools, said assistant Kadyrov.

A veteran of “Vympel” Alexander Korovin, who became the senior instructor of the Centre in 2013, said that his work in Gudermes differs from the previous higher load and the ability to do science. “Previously I had to pay great attention to combat training and participate directly in the operations. Here I had the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the instructor’s work, to study foreign practice, to test it on personnel and to make adjustments in our methods,” — said Korovin.

He said that Martynau was invited foreign experts, interaction with them was mainly for the sports — shooting and parachute training.

Image project

First and foremost, the Center is designed for foreigners hoping to obtain the same qualifications as the fighters of the Russian special forces, according to the President of the Association of veterans of anti-terror unit “Alfa” Sergey Goncharov.

But legally, the private companies training of military specialists from other countries in Russia is not regulated, said the Colonel, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski. Foreigners may be admitted to the arms and military equipment, if there is no relevant interstate agreement on the training of military specialists, so the citizens of the United States and Britain will drop off the list of potential “clients” in the center of Gudermes, he said.

If we are talking about the military training of Regardie, defense or other law enforcement agencies, in this case, the Center and law enforcement agencies must sign a contract, said murakhovski. According to this scheme, the Ministry of defense is working with the Voluntary society for assistance to army, aviation and fleet (DOSAAF), he recalls. DOSAAF money for the budget prepares specialists for this society has educational material-technical base and teaching staff, sharpened on the profile, which orders the Ministry of defense.

The project Centre works on the political and military image of Chechnya, believes political analyst Nikolai Mironov. “This structure raises the stakes in the eyes of the country’s leadership, and shows the presence loyal to the President special military forces on which he can rely, not only in the case of military conflicts abroad,” — said the expert.

Thanks to the project on Chechnya will have more to say in the West, says military expert Ivan Konovalov.

Foreign counterparts

Week of training for SWAT team in one of the most popular counterparts — the Royal training center of special operations in Jordan (KASOTC) is worth $250 million, including meals, accommodation and ammunition.

The participants of the military exercise at the Royal training center of special operations in Jordan

Photo: Maya Alleruzzo / AP

On its territory there are about 50 different shooting ranges and 10 campuses, which practiced exercises with combat shooting and use of lethal weapons used by the special forces. Training base adapted for training fighters both day and night. In addition, the Center has to practice the different tasks with the use of helicopter gunships and other military equipment.

Polish training centre public and private (European Security Academy) has been working in Wroclaw since 1992. The complex includes accommodation, lecture halls, grounds, training grounds for off-road driving. Week training for a variety of programs can cost from $1700 to $3400 per person.

The training center is a private military company Academi, located in Mogoke (NC, USA), offers tactical and fire training. In addition, the proposed exercise of the skills of unarmed combat and off-road driving. The training center occupies an area of about 28 sq. km., which is 54 polygon, five indoor shooting ranges, models, simulation, cross-training of driving skills and much more. For a two-day training course firing a shotgun asking $375 per person.

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