In the Black sea entered the French frigate stealth

French missile frigate La Fayette, built on the technology of low radar signature, passed the Bosphorus to the Black sea, reports “Interfax”.

The Agency with reference to the Ambassador of France in Bulgaria Eric Lebedel clarifies that the frigate sent to the Bulgarian port of Varna.

Earlier in January the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO plans to strengthen its presence in the Black sea. “We have agreed to increase the naval presence of NATO in the Black sea to enhance training, improve awareness of the situation and coordination of forces at sea”, — he said. However, However, specific details of the gain he did not name, noting that the process gain will be in full compliance with the Montreux Convention.

In early February in the Black sea went missile US Navy destroyer Porter. Hike in the Black sea, the ship made for the “conduct of operations to ensure Maritime security and improving interoperability with allies and partners in the region.”

Also on the website of the operational US Navy said that during his stay in the Black sea, Porter took part in the annual “international exercises”, which took place under the leadership of Romania.