NBC has revealed the details of trump’s plan to combat ISIS

The project of the President of the United States Donald trump in the fight against “Islamic state” (LIH; banned terrorist organization) is not much different from the plan of his predecessor, former us President Barack Obama. About it reports NBC, citing two senior officials familiar with the document.

The project involves the continuation of the bombing of militant positions by the U.S.-led coalition, increased support to local forces, so that they could regain control of the Mosul and Raqqa. The plan also proposes to deprive ISIS of revenue sources and establish a stable situation on the territories conquered from the insurgents.

The plan, which the Pentagon has provided the Trump, is a little more than “strengthening” the same slow and gradual steps in the fight against terrorists, “for that trump made fun of the Obama administration,” reports NBC.

Two major strategist in an interview with television channel expressed concern that the described steps may be inadequate to meet the American President promises to “completely destroy ISIS” and to do it quickly.

Retired Admiral James Stavridis, in an interview with NBC suggested that trump might want to make his team aware of this project and decided how the U.S. will behave in the future.

Pentagon spokesman captain Jeff Davis told the TV station that this is not the final version of the plan to combat ISIS. According to him, “the preliminary plan sent to the White house, is a great strategy that puts even greater emphasis on diplomacy, Economics and information than on military aspects.” He noted that the project of the fight against “Islamic state” “based on whole-of-government approach, improving the coordination of the instruments of power in public diplomacy, cyberspace, information, financial and military spheres, as well as strengthening coordination between the regions”.

According to official data of the U.S. government, in Syria there are 500 soldiers, another 5,200 are in Iraq. However, high-ranking officials in an interview with NBC said that these figures are underestimated at least twice.