The NYT found out about the “lecture” Trump on migrants from the Prime Minister of Ireland

The Prime Minister of Ireland ENDA Kenny during a meeting with U.S. President Donald trump gave him a lecture on the dignity of the heritage of the United States on migration issues, writes The New York Times.

During the conversation, Kenny said the contribution made by migrants to the United States.

“The world is full of people who want to play a role for US, if you like those who want to make America great,” said the head of government of Ireland.

Kenny didn’t pay attention to the new migration decree trump, who was temporarily denied entry into the country residents from six Muslim countries. Instead, the Irish Prime Minister raised a question that has long concerned officials in case of extension of the decree, what will happen with 50 thousand illegal migrants from Ireland who are in the United States.

Although the ban of the American President applies only to Syria, Sudan, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, the Irish authorities fear that trump could expel all illegal immigrants from the country. The Prime Minister of Ireland called to be in this matter out and give people the right to try to obtain citizenship.

The publication notes that Kenny was trying to keep a low profile. He explained that his criticism is directed not trump, and on his word. The NYT writes that in Ireland, trump is not particularly popular. During the election campaign, the Prime Minister described his remarks as “racist and dangerous”.