Gref announced plans of the savings Bank to identify the clients by movement of the lips

Gref announced plans of the savings Bank to identify the clients by movement of the lips

Sberbank is working on technology to identify customers on the movement of the lips. On Thursday, March 16, reported on a lecture at the Moscow physical-technical Institute, President —Chairman of the Board of Bank Herman Gref.

“The last story — when it recognized not only the voice, not only code words but also the movement of the lips that utter code words, because it is unique and muscle activity can not be faked”, — told about the new technology top Manager (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Gref said that the credit organization is investing a lot in creating an opportunity, as the recognition of the client is her top priority.

According to Gref, the Bank has already implemented “a huge number of projects and startups” helping to identify the person. Including was developed by recognition systems, retina recognition palm and fingerprints.

In 2016, the savings Bank implemented a series of pilot projects involving the use of biometric technology in different service channels and use cases. As the representative of the Bank, the organization also accredits the company VisionLabs, Comlogic, “ProSoft, Biometrics” and Fujitsu Technology Solutions as providers of recognition systems. In 2017, Russia may be launched in a pilot version created by the Central Bank of a unified database of biometric data of the Russians.

What technology used by banks

Biometric identification

In 2014, Barclays Bank has introduced for corporate clients the ability to authenticate the vein patterns in the finger. At the same time customer identification at the Touch ID technology has introduced a savings Bank. In 2015, Bank of America allowed customers to make payments in the mobile app, signing in via fingerprint. These and other technologies of biometric identification is also used HSBC, National Westminster Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and other banks. To test the possibility of identification by fingerprint in 2016 has also begun to VTB, VTB 24, TCS Bank, Promsvyazbank and Bank home Loan.

Identification by voice

In 2015, Barclays has offered its customers the possibility of voice identification. In early 2016, the Bank HSBC announced the launch of the system of voice identification for all customers.

Indoor navigation (navigation in space)

In 2015, the branches of Barclays Bank were testing the technology of indoor navigation to increase access to offices for people with disabilities. It is assumed that such clients of the Bank are recorded in a special application, and when they are near the office, the employee receives notice of the appearance of a person who needs help. The pilot project lasted six months, was attended by ten branches, and a final decision on its feasibility is still pending.

The digitization of checks

In 2015, the Barclays Bank has introduced a service recognition Bank checks. The customer can take a picture of the signed check, then the money credited to his account, and this happens faster than in normal banking transactions with checks.

Robots in banks

In 2015, head office Mizuho Bank, the second largest Bank of Japan was presented a robot that helps clients navigate the Bank and in 19 languages can tell about his services. The Bank subsequently announced plans to use IBM Watson cognitive computing to robot assistants in the offices are able to communicate with the Bank’s clients in plain language.

Departments without employees

In early 2017 Bank of America opened in the USA three offices, which are not physically present employees. Clients communicate only with terminals. If they need help, they can contact a member via teleconference.