In the Academy of Sciences was appointed acting President due to hospitalization Fortov

Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Valery Kozlov appointed as acting head of the Academy. About it the correspondent said the representative of the President of RAS Vladimir Fortov.

According to her, Kozlova for this position was appointed the FORTS, because he is on sick leave. This procedure is the appointment of an officer when they go on sick leave — is standard, said the representative Fortov. He calls FORTS on 22 March did not answer.

Vice-President of RAS Valery Kozlov in the interview declared that while he could not comment on “rumours” about his appointment to the post of acting head of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “No review can not give, because nothing really unknown. I tell you fairly,” he said.

The source said that the FORTS under examination in the Central clinical hospital (TSKB), his condition is satisfactory. Most likely, he will remain a simple academic to the fall elections to the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the source .

Monday, March 20, at the General meeting of members of the Academy all three candidates for President of the RAS Alexander Makarov, Vladislav Panchenko and Vladimir Fortov — withdrew their candidacies from the elections. In addition, the academicians decided to postpone the election for November 2017, and also to keep the powers of the incumbent President until that time. In the voting process of the FORTS were asked not to renew his powers. He explained that his status as President, according to opponents, gives him the advantage in the election. He is ready to resign. The voting results of the General meeting of academics must approve the government.

The day before, March 21, Fortov said that the government may decide about who will hold the office of President at any time. According to him, the goats suited to the role of acting President of the Academy. This is a man who has experience of scientific and organizational work, said FORTS.