SK said the amount stolen during the construction of Putin’s residence

As reported by the acting head of the Department SK on interaction from mass-media Svetlana Petrenko, the Agency investigating a criminal case against leaders and members of the criminal community, plundered budget funds intended for the construction of public facilities. The investigation is conducted under part 1,2 of article 210 and part 4, article 159 of the Criminal code of Russia.

According to Petrenko, “the damage from the criminal actions of the community amounted to no less than 225 million rubles.”

The official representative of SK confirmed that as a result of joint action with the FSO and the FSB detained the Director of the FGUP “Ateks” Andrew Fireplaces, his former first Deputy Stanislav kuner, and a former Director of the company “Stroykomplekt” Dmitry Torchinsky, Sergey Litvinov, Sergey Perevalov and Aleksandr Rodionov. Now the consequence intends to apply to the court with the petition for election of a measure of restraint.

About the arrest of the leaders of the “Ateks” became known yesterday. According, they became suspects in the case of embezzlement of funds in the construction of the “object №53” – the House of receptions at the presidential residence Novo-Ogaryovo. It was argued that the estimated amount of damage was about 200 million rubles.

The newspaper “Kommersant” reported that the “Alexa” may appear in other episodes. In particular we are talking about the construction and renovation of the presidential residence “Russia” in the state complex “Zavidovo”. FSO previously argued that the amount of backlog there amounted to 138,6 million roubles.

With regard to involved in the company “Stroykomplekt”, it is mainly engaged in work in Sochi presidential residence “Bocharov Ruchey”.