London refused to raise the terrorist threat level after the attack

The UK authorities will retain the level of terrorist threat at the same level, despite a series of attacks that occurred on 22 March in Central London. This was stated by Prime Minister Theresa may, speaking at a briefing in front of the residence on Downing street.

She expressed condolences to the victims and survivors of the terrorist attack. May also thanked the police and emergency services, who worked on the crime scene.

“On behalf of the whole country, I want to pay tribute to them and all our emergency services for what they are doing to reassure the public and to provide security on the streets of our capital”, — said the head of the British Parliament (quoted by The Guardian).

Mei said that the attack was not chosen randomly. According to her, the streets of Westminster “imbued with the spirit of freedom” and the Parliament of Britain represents “democracy, freedom, [the protection of] human rights, the rule of law.” “That’s why he is the target of those who reject these values,” concluded the Prime Minister.

Mei said that attempts to undermine those values are doomed to failure. She said that the British Parliament will resume on March 23.

“And we can all move forward. We will not sklonam down before terrorism. And never let the voice of hatred and evil to tear us apart,” said Theresa may.