A quarter of Russians spoke about the dangers of counter-sanctions to the country

Almost every fourth Russian does not approve of Moscow imposed counter-sanctions on imports of food and agricultural products from a number of countries. Such data are published all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

A survey conducted in March of 2017, showed that the proportion of those who did not approve of the ban on the import of products is 24%. However, three years ago, in 2014, when such measures were introduced, only 9% of Russians do not approve of this step.

Critics of restrictive measures on the import of food products from a number of countries primarily include the young people (53% among 18-24 year olds), supporters of unparliamentary parties (41%), Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents (32%), VTSIOM said.

Approve the decision of the authorities on the introduction of counter-sanctions, 72% of Russians. In 2014, the decision was approved by 84% of Russians.

A similar trend is observed in the assessments of the impact of contractionary policy, says the poll. In 2014, only 9% of respondents said that the policy of imposing retaliatory sanctions will bring Russia more harm than good. Three years later, in 2017, 26% of Russians share this view.

The majority of Russian citizens — 67% — still believe that such a policy is beneficial. In 2014 favor a ban on the import of food was noted by 80% of respondents.

The survey was conducted March 2-3 in the form of telephone interviews of 1200 respondents.

Just a week ago, 79% of respondents VTSIOM poll said that they personally, as well as their loved ones sanctions not affected. That other countries imposed sanctions are causing them inconvenience confessed, only 17% of respondents, while often dissatisfied complained about the rising prices (66%), the disappearance of sales of many products (13%) and problems with obtaining visas (9%).

More than a third of respondents (35%) said that the US, EU and some other countries the sanctions went to the benefit of Russia.

The same poll showed that the number of those who read the sanctions are good for Russia, reached a high of three-quarters of respondents sociologists (76% of Russians) said that to achieve the lifting of sanctions is not necessary, as the West, soon they’ll cancel.