Fillon has demanded to register a case against Hollande for wiretapping his phone

The candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon has accused the current head of state Francois Hollande in spying on his political opponents, in particular in the tapping of their telephone conversations. He stated in his speech, reports BFM TV.

“We have Newspapers that received the documents 48 hours after it was seized by investigators during searches, for example, from my office. Of the public service. You think they are doing this without being covered by the authorities?” said Fillon. According to the politician, Hollande is using the media as a tool against rivals.

Fillon during his speech referred to the passage from the journalistic investigation, which will be published soon in one of the local media. Of material, according to the politician, it follows that the President has established a special government Department, who was involved in the wiretapping of his political opponents. In this regard, the candidate of the Republican added that the President should begin a criminal investigation.

Francois Hollande said that Fillon condemns the conspiracy against him and other political figures in France. “The President strongly condemns the false accusations of Fillon”, — the message of the administration of the French leader, which leads Reuters.

Currently against françois Fillon, the French Prosecutor’s office is investigating. According to investigators, he, being a Deputy of the French Parliament, fictitiously gave the wife his assistant. To withdraw his candidacy amid a scandal Fillon refused and said that he will continue to participate in the presidential race.