The leaders of the March truckers promised to bring the protests 10 thousand people

The leaders of the March truckers promised to bring the protests 10 thousand people


At least 10 thousand truckers only from the Association of carriers of Ukraine (ODA) will participate in “passive” strike on Monday, March 27, representatives of the ODA Bautin Andrei and Mikhail Kurbatov. Another source in the Association said that the total number of participants will reach 20 thousand

The participants of the “passive” action will hold a column of heavy trucks along the roads, said they. “The main objective of the strike is to stop the traffic, that is, stop the carriage and, starting Monday, to build pillars along roads in the cities,” explained Bautin.

Active supporters of the protests among the participants of the strike in times less, said Kurbatov. They will take part in the meetings, but the exact number of participants in the protest will be determined in General meeting, to be held March 25. “It is clear that people are intimidated, they are afraid to protest,” added the member of the ODA. Form of active protests, according to him, the participants of the strike will also discuss at the meeting.

Truckers are demanding the abolition or reduction of tariffs system “Platon”, introduced in November 2015. According to regulations, truck owners or firms-carriers who have a machine heavier than 12 tonnes, to compensate for inflicted heavy damage to roads.


In groups of ODA and other supporters of the protest in social networks the brand “needlebooks” — the participants of the meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on March 23. With the head of the government met the heads of six transport companies, said one of them, the head of the movement “12 tons” Sergei Sapronov. According to him, they all agreed with the point of view of Medvedev and opposed the strike.

Sapronov called the protesters provocateurs. He reminded about the famous movie, filmed by activist Alexander Rastorguev (Kurbatov announced that their organization has nothing to do). It Rastorguev reports that on 27 March “expected storms, rockfalls, and all sorts of unusual natural conditions” and urged opponents of the strikes, which are called strike-breakers, “not to travel to this day on the line”.

According to Sapronova, he and other representatives of the “peaceful” truckers repeatedly received threats due to his refusal to participate in the strike. “In Dagestan, there was a case: the car was loaded, and they recorded their numbers in a network threw out. Is it fair?” he said . According to the activist, to active protest will be joined by no more than 50 drivers.

Kurbatov, in turn, said that the leadership of the ODA “will never threatened and did not arrange provocations”. “These people, Sapronov and [President of the Association “Gruzavtotrans” Vladimir] Mutagen — needlebite, they appeared when you took the Kremlin the participants of the meetings with the authorities, he said. — Matahina even transport its not”.

Protest by truckers in Saint-Petersburg. February 2016

Photo: Evgeny Stepanov / inter / TASS

“Spring drying”

Annually on roads of Russia introduced the spring constraints for heavy vehicles because of the flooding. This is a period that lasts about a month, during which truck drivers are road closures for “spring drying”.

Indefinite action truckers can be tied specifically to this period, said the coordinator of the Association “trucker” Valery Voitko. “Because of the serious penalties people will just stand, but its standing without work they would call a strike. That is, any parked on the side of a Peterbilt, it will be possible to point the finger and say that strikers”, — he explained.

As Sapronov, Boiko believes that the protesters will be joined by “a negligible part of the truckers of the total, within statistical error”.

Member of the ODA Kurbatov in conversation with has denied this assumption. “Terms “drying” in each region is different, we scheduled the campaign before they begin, at the end of March, that such allusions were not” — he explained. According to the portal “Dorinfo”, which gathered information on the timing of spring constraints in 2017, with a period of “drying” action of the truckers will match in 14 of the 61 taken into account in the selection regions.

The meeting with Medvedev

On March 22, six representatives of different movements truckers met with members of “United Russia”, and the next day with the head of the party, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He was impressed by the arguments of the parties the truckers, told those present at the meeting with Prime Minister Mutagen.

At the end of the grace period 15 April 2017 tariff “Plato” should grow twice — from 1.53 to 3.06 RUB RUB. per kilometer. However, on March 24, Dmitry Medvedev took the decision to increase the tariff, but only to 1.91 RUB Thus, it is an increase of 25%.

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, who also participated in the meeting, said that the decision to raise tariffs placed on “an indefinite period”. A source in United Russia said that one of the reasons the government’s attention to the problems truckers could be just the planned national strike on March 27.

After the introduction of “Plato” in 2015, the authorities are already faced with Russian protests of truckers, in the capital, trucks were blocked MKAD. The government then decided to reduce the growth rates. At the end of 2015, the protests of drivers of trucks supported by 70% of Muscovites were counted at the Levada center.