Hall “Niki” met with a standing ovation speech Sokurov in the protection of detainees March 26

The winners of the Russian national award “Nika” in the field of cinematography while award made in support of political prisoners and people detained at the protest on March 26.

After the speech of Director Alexander Sokurov, who received the award named after Eldar Ryazanov’s “Honor and dignity”, the hall gave a standing ovation. Video of the speech of the Director posted on his page in Facebook, quote from his speech quoted by the Agency TASS.

He called the mistake the lack of dialogue with the young people who took to the streets. “You can’t start a civil war among pupils and students. We need to hear them. None of our politicians does not want to hear them, no they were not talking. <…> It is impossible. More it is impossible to tolerate,” said Sokurov.

He drew attention to the hard, in his opinion, actions of law enforcement bodies of the young in mass campaigns, especially against girls and women. “I want to appeal to our deputies. To the male deputies because women of such a law new will not be accepted. Let us receive the law, which prohibits arrest and actually touch the women and girls participating in protest actions”, — said the Director.