Putin has allowed the FSO to withdraw land plots

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has given the Federal security service (FSS) the right to make decisions about withdrawal of land plots for state needs. The corresponding decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Decree a change in the position of the Federal security service of Russia, approved by the decree of the President of Russia of August 7, 2004 No. 1013. “Make… a change, adding paragraph 12 sub-paragraph 67 the following lines: decides on the withdrawal of land plots for state needs of the Russian Federation for construction and reconstruction of objects of Federal significance, which are necessary to exercise the powers of the FSO of Russia”, — stated in the decree.

From the document it also follows that the decree does not require increasing the staff number of servicemen and civil personnel of bodies of the state protection and additional funds from the Federal budget.

Previously, the list of powers FSO consisted of 80 items, including no right to seize land — service could only exercise the right of perpetual use of them. The withdrawal of plots for the needs of the FSO was the General order, through the decree of the Russian government.

In August 2016, the FSO has offered to allow her to accept the “decision on the withdrawal of land for state needs for construction and reconstruction of objects of Federal value, corresponding to the responsibility of the FSO of Russia”, and also to carry out “the seizure of land for state needs”. The service has developed a draft decree of the President. In the explanatory note to the document said that the innovation is aimed at implementing the provisions of the Land code.

As noted in a conversation with a practice partner real estate and construction company Goltsblat BLP Vitaly Mozharovsky, in fact, no matter what the decision on the confiscation of land by the government or FSO. “Then begins the procedure described in the Land code: notified individuals affected by withdrawal, the decision to withdraw is sent to the land registry, and then start the negotiation procedure takes up to a year,” explained game.

In late August, followed by FSO on the law to seize land and located on them objects for state needs asked the Federal security service (FSB) . According to authorities, new powers will allow the Agency “to fully ensure the tasks entrusted to the Federal security service of Russia the current legislation”.