UK started the procedure of withdrawal from the European Union

UK started the procedure of withdrawal from the European Union

The representative of great Britain in the European Union, Tim barrow on Wednesday, March 29, delivered a message about the launch of the Brexit President of the European Council Donald Tusk. Thus officially began the procedure of a British exit from the European Union, said Bi-bi-si.

“Nine months later, the UK did it (sent a notification of start of procedure Brexit)” — Tusk wrote on Twitter. A referendum in which the majority of UK citizens voted for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, was held in the country in June 2016. The exit procedure, according to British and European politicians, will last up to two years.

According to the report of the Tusk on Twitter, writing he was handed at 14:20 GMT. Ten minutes after receiving the news of the transfer of the letter in the house of Commons in London was made by the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

According to him, in such “turning points of British history” the country should be as cohesive and unified. For its part, may as head of the government promised to take personal responsibility for “achieving the most lucrative deals with the EU”.

“In an era of growing instability in the world as never before needs the liberal democratic values of Europe, — said Mae, and her long words were interrupted by angry shouts of the parliamentary opposition. — Britain shares these values. We leave just an institution of the EU but not Europe.” According to Mei, leaving the EU is “a chance for the current generation to make the country better and fairer”.

The Prime Minister, Theresa may, signed the letter informing the European Union about the launch of the Brexit

Photo: Christopher Furlong / FA Bobo / PIXSELL / PA Images

The head of the government was aware that “the influence of the country on the European economy and politics will be reduced,” although the fundamental purpose of the process Brexit — the creation of a “global Britain”, equal partnership with various governments and associations in the world.

What will be the UK after Brexit

“Today is the first day of a very difficult path,” — commented on the launch of the Brexit chief negotiator from the EC, Michel Barnier (quoted by Reuters).

During the forthcoming negotiations must achieve a “fair agreement”, not only in terms of a British exit, but on the future of the European Union, said Barnier.

“This is a very sad day for the EU,” concluded Barnier.

A day earlier, on 28 March, the Scottish Parliament voted to hold a new referendum on independence from the UK. Most deputies and first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon voted in that referendum before the end of the procedure Brexit. Sturgeon has repeatedly said that Scotland is more profitable to stay in the EU.