“Beneficiary” cash for reform announced in the international search

Businessman Vladimir Shcherbakov, which state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi was named the beneficiary of a monopoly manufacturer of drives for fiscal cash registers, declared in the international search. Relevant information is available on the Interpol website.

The representative of Interpol confirmed to the edition of the Republic, Vladimir Shcherbakov is wanted and the information on the website is correct, however, could not confirm the relevance of the warrant, which was initiated by the search, and provide details.

Russian law enforcement agencies announced Shcherbakov on the international wanted list for suspicion of a large-scale withdrawal of funds abroad using fake documents in an organized group, are shown in the orientation of Interpol.

That Shcherbakov is the beneficiary of a number of inter-affiliated companies that produce fiscal drives, announced in early March during a meeting in the state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi. Meadow troubled by the fact that the production of fiscal drives, which until July 1, 2017 shall be equipped with all of the cash registers, monopolized and earn him JSC “Atlas card”, “Rik” and ZAO “Bezant”, and due to shortcomings in the legislation, entrepreneurs are forced to buy units at a price ten times more expensive cost.

Other market participants, according to meadow, not eligible for certification of their models of fiscal devices in 8-m the center of FSB: technical requirements for the device, which should be published on the official website of the Federal tax service, in fact incomplete — “something missing, something not said,” explained meadow. “Someone artificially at the government level, at the level of law enforcement is doing everything to market is not a new fiscal drives,” — said the Deputy.

ZAO “Atlas maps” and “Besant” linked through the JSC “NTC “Special”, the owner of which is the “omega-KHOLDING”, LLC “RICK”, from base “SPARK-Interfax”. Vladimir Shcherbakov, in turn, listed as a co-owner of OOO “omega-holding”.

Free cash: who will work on the replacement of vehicles across the country

In the mid 2000-ies, during the previous reform of cash registers a monopoly on the production predecessor fiscal drives, “electronic control tape protected” (ackles), was also the company “Besant”, found Republic. Ackles was a same drive, but without Internet connection and with limited memory. To change it you need it once a year (the new fiscal drive is the same service life). According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the introduction ackles lobbied FSB under the slogan of fight against black cash. Production equipment also has licensed the FSB, and only the license was “Besant”, which is then quickly raised the price by almost half.

Edition Republic suggested that the orientation of the Shcherbakov Interpol received from-for brought in 2014, cases of illegal withdrawal of funds abroad through a small BVA-Bank. Then for the border, tried to bring about 10 billion rubles Republic found out that the owners of BVA-Bank was full namesake at least eight people associated with the company “Besant” and her affiliated agencies. The same group of companies associated with the manufacturer new fiscal drives.

Cash reform

The law, which obliges companies and individual entrepreneurs go to the cash registers, able online to convey information about each sale to the Federal tax service (FNS), was signed in July 2016. In the first year of the installation or replacement of banks on “smart” devices was voluntary. February 1, 2017, the tax court had stopped registering cash that do not meet the new requirements, and to switch completely to online cash business will have from 1 July.

In addition, companies will have to connect the cash registers to computers with software that allows you to send customers electronic receipts.