On the improvement of the Boulevard and Garden rings will spend 25.5 billion RUB.

On the improvement of the Boulevard and Garden rings will spend 25.5 billion RUB.

Garden ring

The landscaping of the Garden ring in 2017 under the program “My street” will cost at least 11.7 billion rubles, follows from the tenders published on the portal of public procurement.

More than 1.5 billion rubles it will cost to repair the road and sidewalk surfaces. In particular, more than 1.2 billion rubles will be spent on the expansion of sidewalks and paving with granite. The sidewalks in the center will be expanded by an average of 3 m, said Wednesday, March 29, at a press conference, Deputy Moscow mayor for housing and beautification of Pyotr Biryukov. Here is to accommodate a café and non-stationary trade, said Biryukov. Replacement of asphalt on the Garden ring can spend more than 194 million roubles, the installation of granite curb 56.9 million rubles.

Another 1.3 billion roubles can be spent on landscaping the Garden ring. It is planned to plant more than 2.2 thousand trees (Linden, maple, mountain ash, pine) and shrubs and flowers. Pine ordinary height of 4-5 m with a trunk girth 25-30 cm Moscow plans to buy at an estimated price of 50 RUB. 725 In the online shops where you can order a tree, the price of a five-meter pine ranges from 20-30 thousand RUB Approximately RUB 1.3 billion and will cost the repair of facades and roofs of the houses on the Garden.

Lighting the Garden ring could cost the city in 812,5 mln. In the framework of the improvement plan to install more than 5 thousand different lights, street lamps, spotlights, and embedded in the asphalt of the lamps. For example, the city is ready to purchase more than 200 spotlights on Focal 2687 rubles. apiece. On specialized sites, you can find projectors of similar capacity for 1.5 thousand.

Benches and urns on the Garden ring will cost 50 million rubles. the money will purchase more than 560 stores and over 470 ballot boxes. The most expensive option of the bench of gray granite, with flooring made of larch and cube vases. Its price in the purchase documentation — 55 272 RUB you Plan to install more than 40 such benches. Another 23.8 million RUB will be spent on the installation of 372 antiprotonic devices, including retractable columns-bollards.

During the beautification on the Garden ring repair utilities that will update a road marking. More 485,6 mln RUB. will be spent on repair of tunnels and overpasses.

Last year on the landscaping of the Garden ring from the Arbat to Dolgorukovskaya street has spent over 5.3 billion roubles In a year the cost of the work increased more than two times.

But this year, the amount of work on the Garden more than in the past. Contractors landscaping has not yet been determined. Last year the part of the ring has been landscaped, OOO “Strojjstandart,” which, as found , is associated with a group of “Tashir” Samvel Karapetyan.

The improvement of streets adjacent to the Boulevard ring in Moscow. May 2016

Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

Boulevard ring

Odd (external) side of the Boulevard ring in 2017 will equip OOO “Spetsstroy”. The same company won last year the tender for landscaping even the Moscow boulevards.

Landscaping odd side this year, will spend 3.6 billion rubles For this amount it is planned to plant 14 trees, 977 bushes and flower beds, install 17 granite flowerpots, benches 86 and 110 boxes, replace part of road and sidewalk pavement and side stone.

Last year the amount of the improvement contract of even side of the Boulevard ring was 4.8 billion rubles.

As explained by Biryukov, in 2017 it is planned to complete work on the Boulevard and Garden rings. Just for the cleaning of two rings of Moscow on the program “My street” for two years it plans to spend 25.5 billion RUB.


In 2017 will be improved 12 the capital’s embankments with a total length of 40 km, said Biryukov on March 29. Moscow authorities have announced a tender for construction work on six of them, including the Kadashevskaya, Yakimanskaya, the Kremlin and the adjacent streets. Plan to spend RUB 2.7 bn on six embankments, including Tinkers and Marsh announced a tender for the design.

The competition for the landscaping of the Kremlin embankment and surrounding streets closed, documentation in the public domain. To participate, potential contractors must provide a copy of the FSB license for works related to the use of information representing state secrets. In addition to the Kremlin embankment from the Stone bridge to Vasilevsky descent, the contractor will have to arrange the Old and New square, Okhotny Ryad, moss and other streets. The cost of the work can be 857,8 million rubles.

On Kadashevskaya, Yakimanskaya and in the neighboring 3rd Golutvinsky lane planted 113 trees, 2761 Bush, put 242 242 benches and urns. The sidewalk will be increased by 7.9 thousand square meters and embellished with side stones. Landscape the embankments, OOO “Megapark”. With him a contract on 734 million rubles, follows from materials procurement site.

On the website of the company said that it was engaged in landscaping the streets of Moscow and the floral design of the festival at VDNKH. But the address of the contractor stated in the contract and on the website, a registered LLC “GC “Carpark” is a subsidiary company OOO “Megapark” according to the database “SPARK-Interfax”. GK “Carpark” founded in 2009, the authorized capital — 10 thousand rubles. Information about the participation of this campaign, in projects for construction and landscaping in the public domain. OOO “Megapark” in 2016, was reorganized successor company — OOO “Eros”, registered in Tatarstan. The company belongs to “Brian”, and this company — LLC “light”. Information about these registered in Tatarstan organizations, as in the case of GC “Harpak,” no.

About “The Charge”

Over 79,7 million rubles Moscow will spend on the development of the improvement of the Moskvoretskaya embankment, and sites adjacent to the future Zaryadye Park: Varvarka, the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge, Kitaygorodskogo travel. The contract was signed with LLC “Architectural and construction company “Dominant”, which was a winner in the tenders for the restoration projects of the Museum-apartment of Mikhail Bulgakov and the backlight of area CIP. In developing the project, the contractor must rely on the work of KB “Strelka”, which belongs to billionaire Alexander Mamut. KB in 2013 was the organizer of the competition for the architectural concept of the Park, which was won by the consortium headed by architectural Bureau Diller Scofidio + Renfro. Special attention designers should pay major repair of the roadway, says the document.

Blagoustroitelnyh adjacent to the “Charge” of the streets, according to the terms of reference, needs to work out “optimal location of pedestrian walkways precluding the emergence of “folk trails” provided landing “of trees, shrubs and perennial herbaceous plants”.

“Projects must be defined the parameters of the roadway for movement of vehicles and pedestrians, space for movement Cycling transport”, — stated in the terms of reference. In late February, Meduza reported that a Large Moskvoretsky bridge, which was murdered opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, prosper for 3 billion rubles.

The program “My street” was launched in 2015. For two years it was arranged well over a hundred streets, the cost of the work amounted to 45 billion rubles In 2017 82 will be landscaped streets, embankments and squares. Work in full will start in April, most of them will be completed in July. According Biryukova, to talk about the cost of the entire program in 2017 is premature. The final figure will become clear when will be the examination of the projects and will be awarded the tenders. In any case, the budget of Moscow has all opportunities to implement large-scale improvement program, the official said.