The Chechen Parliament adopted a law on the right of Schoolgirls to wear the hijab

Deputies of the Chechen Parliament approved the bill on amendments to the law “On education in the Chechen Republic”, which allowed the wearing of “clothing or symbols according to folk traditions or religious beliefs”. This is stated in the press service of the Chechen Parliament.

As explained by the Chairman of the Committee on education, science and culture Bekhan Khazbulatov, the law is supplemented by article 23.1, which now has a rule that “in setting requirements for uniform educational institution must <…> take into account the right of students to wear clothes or symbols according to folk traditions and religious beliefs, if not inconsistent with Federal law, does not harm their health and does not violate the rights and freedoms of others”.

While Khasbulatov stressed that the new article in the national law is not contrary to article 38 of the Federal law “On education”.

In a message quoted the President of the Parliament of Chechnya, Magomed Daudov, who recalled that the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, “the first responded to allegations that Russian schoolchildren should not wear the hijab in schools.”

Previously on 24 January 2017, the head of Olga Vasilyeva commented on the ban to students and teachers of the school in the Tatar village of Belozerye to wear headscarves and declared the secular nature of education in Russia. “I don’t think truly religious people try attributes their attitude to the faith to emphasize this” — she said and added that “we have a secular character of education”.

Kadyrov replied that the Minister of education and science “have the right to Express his “personal belief”, yet it “remains its opinion and does not take the force of law”. In his view, the headscarf is not paraphernalia, and “an important piece of clothing Muslim women”. “It is surprising that the Minister instead of to improve their local leaders, their “personal belief” imposes millions of citizens”, — said Kadyrov. “The theme of the handkerchiefs is tossed to divert attention from the real problems of schools,” — said Kadyrov advised to pay attention to “all those who are fighting with the hijab,” on the problem of drug addiction, crime, alcoholism and “systematic abuse of teachers on sexual integrity of children.”

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin would not want to take sides in the debate about the wearing of headscarves in schools. “Indeed, there have been different approaches to this issue,” — said the press Secretary on the request to comment on the Kremlin’s position on this issue. Peskov said that “was and judicial options,” dispute resolution, when adopted “the decision” the Supreme court recognized the legal ban on wearing hijabs in school.