The President of the European Commission expressed support for the output States of the United States

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was supported by probable collapse of the US — in response to the greeting the American President begin the process Brexit. As reported by CNBC, the statement he made Thursday at the Congress of the European people’s party (EPP) in Malta.

After Wednesday was launched two-year process of a British exit from the European Union, press Secretary of the White house USA Sean Spicer stressed that the new American President Donald trump “at the time led the call for a Brexit and fully respects the will of the British people”.

“The new President of the United States rejoiced at this event as Brexit, and convinces others to go the same way, — said Juncker at the party Congress. — Well, if he continues in the same spirit, I myself will promote independence, for example, the States of Ohio or Texas.”

On the other hand, said Juncker, a British exit from the European Union will not be the end of the EU as such. “Brexit should be the beginning of something new, something better,” — said the politician.

EPP stands on the center-right positions and has the largest faction in the European Parliament (217 seats or 29% of all mandates). With a pan-European party EPP cooperate a ruling in the countries-EU members of the national movement (for example, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Spain and Croatia).

Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and current President of the European Commission, Juncker is known for his harsh statements. For example, in may 2015, he publicly called the Hungarian Prime Minister and his colleague in the EPP Viktor Orban a “dictator” playing with ultra-conservative policies of Budapest. Before the referendum on Brexit in June 2016, he put the British hard conditions: “out — so out”. Last week, Juncker stressed that he will require from London £50 billion of compensation for breached commitments in the process of Brexit.