The US suspected ISIS in creation invisible to the scanners of explosives

Terrorist groups such as ISIS (“Islamic state”, the activity is prohibited in Russia) could develop innovative methods for installation of explosive devices in electronic gadgets, sources told the CNN in the US intelligence services.

Intelligence believes that terrorists have acquired equipment that is used at airports to monitor and ensure safety. With this equipment the terrorists are testing new ways of bringing explosives on the plane, I believe in the security services.

In particular, as the container for the explosives the terrorists can use the batteries for laptops. The FBI, said the TV channel considered that the detection thus established explosives will be a big problem for airports.

Because of this threat, sources told the CNN, the Department of homeland security, U.S. in March imposed a ban on transportation in hand Luggage of several airlines bulky electronic devices — from tablets and laptops to DVD players and cameras. Passengers of these flights ordered all devices, except mobile phones, to take the Luggage. The prohibition applies to airlines flying to the US from ten airports in eight Muslim countries.

“We do not publicly discuss specific intelligence, but intelligence reports indicate that terrorist groups continue to target commercial airlines, including the smuggling of explosive devices in electronics,” explained television in the Department of homeland security.