Poroshenko commented on the ban Samoilova for participation in “Eurovision”

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called a provocation by Russia nomination of this candidate for participation in “Eurovision”. He stated this at a briefing in Latvia, according to the Ukrainian edition 112.ua

“As you know, Russia didn’t participate in “Eurovision”, she needed a provocation. I am happy that thanks to the effective actions of the Ukrainian authorities that provocation was avoided,” — said Poroshenko.

He also stressed that Ukraine “clearly and consistently” stands on the position regarding non-recognition of the “annexation” of Crimea. According to Poroshenko, the visit to Crimea Ukraine allows only across the administrative border with the Kherson region. Another way, he said, is a violation of the legislation of Ukraine, which entails sanctions (singer Yulia Samoylova is not allowed for the competition concert in Kerch, in which she participated. —).

As Eurovision has become a platform for disagreement

“It is absolutely clear to the Russian side. And demands common to all. The Russian side knew about it, made a conscious decision, relying on provocation. The Ukrainian government did not go to the provocation, it acts consistently against all who violate Ukrainian legislation. And so the relevant authorities have not granted permission to cross the Ukrainian border”, — said Poroshenko.

The day before, on 3 April, the Supervisory Board of Public broadcasting urged the European broadcasting Union (EBU) to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine and not to challenge the ban on participation in “Eurovision” Yulia Samoilova.

“Except the Russian Federation, no other country, the public broadcasters which are members of the European broadcasting Union, has no reason to contest the qualification of the actions of Yulia Samoilova, since no European country does not recognize the Crimea’s belonging to the Russian Federation”, — said in a statement.

“We fully share the negative feelings of the members of the European broadcasting Union about the fact, “that the current competition is used as a tool in the current confrontation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine”, — concludes the author of the document.

The other day the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko expressed confidence in the success of Eurovision without Russia.

“I can reiterate that Russia can take part in “Eurovision” in Kiev, but if such a participant who did not violate the Ukrainian legislation,” — said Kirilenko, adding that, in his opinion, in the circumstances, the same decision “would have taken France, Germany, UK, Poland or any other country — member of European broadcasting Union”. The Ukrainian Vice-Premier said nothing about the violation of Samoilova sovereign borders of Ukraine.

At the end of March with a letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman asked the head of the EBU Ingrid Deltenre. In her message she said that because of the position of Ukraine regarding participation in the contest Samoilova boycott the “Eurovision” in Kiev can arrange a number of European countries. “We ask you to intervene to ensure that the Russian singer will be able to come to Ukraine in may and to take part in the competition,” said Deltenre. On the same day the head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said Deltenre said that Kyiv will not agree to such concessions. “One law for all”, he concluded.

In 2017 the musical contest “Eurovision” will pass in Kiev. Russia has presented his singer — singer Yulia Samoylova. However, on 22 March, the SBU forbade her entry into the country due to the fact that in 2015, the girl performed at a concert in the Crimea. Samoilov on the Peninsula, according to the SBU, came from Russia.

A performer since childhood, has a group I disability and uses a wheelchair. In early March, Samoilov said that, in her opinion, Eurovision is a politicized contest and song contest.