In the Kremlin discuss the migration of Russian television

Reconfigure the TV

In the presidential Administration discussed the possibility of adjusting the agenda of Russian television, said two sources close to the Kremlin, and former Federal official. We are talking about that TV paid more attention to domestic issues, says one of the interlocutors .

“More needs to be discussed in the perspective of the people, the state of the economy, the situation in the country, that there is such a gap between the television agenda and the fact that really worries people,” — explains the point of the debate in the Kremlin, close to the presidential administration source .

According to former Federal officials, television today is not a source of information, can not interesting to talk about domestic issues, and many things that are concerns of citizens, are not discussed on television, and on Internet sites and social networks.

What they say on television, and what was discussed on Internet sites, often does not have anything in common, in the Kremlin think of the opportunity to bring together these two worlds, said the source close to the presidential administration. Over the past few years, people are tired to be “military information front”, and the authorities understand it, he says.

Television should be an effective communication tool when discussing internal problems of the country, especially before the presidential elections, adds a former Federal official. Prior to and during the campaign should discuss the future of Russia and the people, but the TV it does not fit “the Instrument of bringing priorities [the government] are absent today,” he says.

Television in its current form the lion’s share of foreign policy agenda, while the space for internal almost no problems, said the source .

Lost in translation

Discussion on adjustment of agenda going, but there is an understanding that it is not so easy, told two sources close to the Kremlin.

Now the information is presented as follows: “we are good, they are there [abroad] bad”, says one of the interlocutors . But if you increase the domestic political component, that will have to dramatically change the style of leading and gear, he continues. “The question is whether nightingales with Kiselyov to switch to a more relaxed agenda? TV is a weapon of enormous destructive force,” — says the source .

Confidence in the fact that Russian TV formats ready to adjust the agenda, do not, agrees another source close to the Kremlin. The problem is that TV is full of limitations: “to Criticize Poroshenko safely, but the question discuss the domestic agenda leads to the question of who in particular to blame for the problems”. This already creates difficulties, adds the source, since it is not clear that the context in which to discuss.

The situation when TV and online agenda are not very tight, devastating, says political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov. “In one country there should not be two different people, but in fact we are seeing there “TV” and “Internet people,” he says.

There is no desire

The TV machine is quite able to re-tune, it would wish, says Kuznetsov. The same Dmitry Kiselyov in his time were quite liberal with positions, says the expert. “In the eternal dispute of television fridge is always winning the TV, thoughtfully discussing the full refrigerator and the shortest way to it. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the welfare of Russians, and not only the international agenda,” — said Kuznetsov.

People see that on TV are not are important issues, they feel that they are telling the truth, that is why the authorities bothered changing the TV agenda, said political analyst Nikolai Mironov. But experiments with television were conducted in 80-ies, in the era of glasnost: “Television is reconfigured to another lad, and as a result it was out of control.”

Any ideologized system, focused on the propaganda, it creates an artificial agenda, distorts reality, and the gap between reality and propaganda the more the system alienated from the people, he said. Now, according to him, the gap is very big. If the government decide to focus on the online agenda, then you have to give answers to questions that really concern the people, “But the television gets out of control. So the propaganda still nowhere to go,” – said Mironov.

Besides, according to Mironov, a well-known TV presenters used to say not what you think, follow the instructions: “With such people will not do anything. If you tell them to come up with something new, it will cause them cognitive dissonance”.