Russia became the leader in the number of filed to the ECHR lawsuits

Citizens of Russia have provided in 2016 high “churn” of claims through the system of the European court of human rights. In comparison with the previous year increased by several times and the number of the Russians filed to the ECHR complaints, and the number of closed cases. Such data are contained in the annual report of the Council of Europe (COE) on the implementation of decisions of the ECHR, which came out April 5 (is available).

Over the past year the number of closed cases involving claims of Russians to the ECHR has increased six times and amounted to 261 case. In 2015, the figure was 44 cases, and the year before — only three cases. Thus the number completed in the ECHR Affairs of Russia has risen from ninth to third place among 47 countries of the Council of Europe, behind only Turkey and Slovenia.

The number of new cases Russian citizens came out last year in leaders — 283 new cases, accounting for 21% of all newly filed with the ECHR of complaints over the past year. In 2015, the Russians had filed 120 lawsuits that there was a fourth, after Turkey, Romania and Greece.

Following the increase in the number of completed cases grows and the amount Russia should pay as the defendant. In 2016, it amounted to €7,38 million, compared to €4.92 million a year earlier. This is the third place after Turkey with €20,47 million and Italy with €15.13 million

At the same time from the report of the Council of Europe it follows that the more important the matter, the longer the decision of the ECHR carry out the authorities of the state concerned. The ECHR has a system of priorities — oversight of the execution of the decision is divided into “standard” and “reinforced”. In the latter case, if the case is recognized by court as having important structural, precedent and other effects, the COE Committee of Ministers takes a specific case under the supervision of, reserving the right to consultation with the authorities of the country concerned.

The average state of the CE perform the decision with a “standard” oversight 4.2 years, with the “power” 7.2 years. The Russian authorities implement the decisions of the “standard” cases very quickly — an average of about 1.2 years. In Liechtenstein, it takes about a year in Britain — six months. However, the cases with “enhanced surveillance” is carried out in Russia on average more than 10 years. Higher on this indicator are only Turkey (13.5 years) and Portugal (11.7 years).

Due to this, the number of cases in which the ECtHR expects of execution remains at a high level. By 31 December 2016, the Council of Europe experts have counted 1573 these cases (the second result after Italy 2350 cases), which corresponds to the level of the previous year. earlier, by 31 December 2015, unsettled by Russia of decisions of the ECHR, there were 1549 pieces.

Overall, however, the report notes the progress of the Russian penal system and the judicial system by at least two factors. This control over the legality of the arrest and the respect of national courts to the decisions of the ECHR.