The FSB began a seizure of documents in the Moscow office ALROSA

In the main office of ALROSA employees of FSB and SKR seize documents, said a source familiar with the investigation.

“FSB officers seized documents together with representatives of the Investigative Committee”, — the interlocutor reported , but details of the events are not disclosed.

The press Secretary of OJSC ALROSA Andrey Fieldfares in conversation with could neither confirm nor deny the information about the searches.

That the FSB seized documents to ALROSA, citing its sources in law-enforcement sources, reported Life. According to them, investigations connected with the activities of the previous managers of the company.

In mid-March the new President of the company was elected Sergey Ivanov. The contract was concluded for three years. Before him the company was headed by Andrei Zharkov.

Powers Zharkov was terminated prematurely. According to Bloomberg, he disagreed with officials of the Russian government on how the group should develop, and at the last meeting of the Board of Directors in December last year, voted against the reduction in the company of investment costs, capital costs and salaries of employees of the company in 2017.

Before joining ALROSA, Sergei Ivanov Jr. was appointed senior Vice President of Sberbank, where he headed the unit “wealth Management”. Prior to that, he held senior positions in Gazprom, Gazprombank and head of the Board of the insurance company “SOGAZ”.

AK “ALROSA” is the largest company in the world on volumes of extraction of diamonds.