Media show removed from the air Syrian airfield after US attack

The Ministry of defense of Russia presented a video, which you can see the consequences of air strikes US air base Shirt Syrian government troops, which is located in the province of HOMS. Video publishes the TV channel “Star”.

The footage can be seen of the runway of the airfield, the effects of missile strikes, as well as, presumably, the Syrian aircraft, which remained intact. In addition, see some of the damaged hangars.

The impact of “Tomahawk” in the database Sirat Video: TV STAR

Earlier video of consequences of rocket fire shot from the ground, published by the TV channel “Russia 24”. According to the military correspondent of the TV channel VGTRK Evgeny Poddubny, in the missile strike, the US Navy is practically not affected runway, although she is littered with debris. Taxiways partially damaged, he said. According to VGTRK, was destroyed nine buildings and nine aircraft, survived five fighters.