“Novaya Gazeta” found out about the sale penniless “daughter” of Sberbank in Ukraine

In March it became known that the Bank sell its assets in Ukraine structures Grigory Guselnikova and said Gutseriev for $130 million

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, the deal is no cash component — the payment will be effected by transfer of assets.

Guselnikov, as writes the edition, reports “Sberbank of Russia” 98% JSCB “Vyatka-Bank”, controlled by Guselnikova 2014.

Also, the purchase invoice Guselnikov transfers to Sberbank of land in the Moscow region, estimated at $13.6 million, hotel “Hilton Ekaterinburg” ($19.8 million) and “Hilton Mozhaisk” ($25.5 million) and refinanced loans in the amount of $23.4 million received by operators of hotels “Hilton Kirov” and “Hilton Perm”.

The newspaper notes that Vyatka-Bank is a direct competitor of Kirov branch of the savings Bank. “Sberbank has agreed to accept 98% of the shares of Vyatka-Bank in payment of shares of Ukrainian “daughter” to immediately eliminate the competitor in the market with a large and successful region of the Russian Federation?” — asks edition.

Earlier in March, Guselnikov in interview “to Gromadsky TV” have said that the purchase of the assets of Sberbank in Ukraine will be held in the framework of the exchange with the Russian Vyatka-Bank. “It will be an exchange of assets in this transaction. Norvik will change Russian Bank Ukrainian. Answering the specifying question of the leader about whether Vyatka-Bank, Guselnikov said “likely”.

As the newspaper “Kommersant”, the Bank had originally requested a “substantially higher amount,” however, the authorities of Ukraine sanctions against Russian banks and especially the radicals organized the blockade of the offices and other promotions forced the savings Bank to make concessions to speed up the transaction. Shortly after the introduction of Ukraine sanctions “dochek” Russian banks, Gref said that Sberbank is looking for the “fastest options” withdrawal from the market of Ukraine.

On 5 April, the head of Sberbank German Gref explained that the rapid choice of the buyer is associated with the fact that interested in selling the “daughter” of Sberbank virtually no other options. “There wasn’t a lot of candidates, frankly,” said Gref.

Said Gutseriev

Was born in 1988. The son of the principal owner of “RussNeft” and “Safmar” Mikhail Gutseriev and the cousin of the principal owner of JSC “Binbank” Mikhail Shishkhanov. General Director of JSC “Forteinvest” — the main partner and shareholder of Orsk refinery. Member of the Board of Directors of NK “RussNeft”, “Russian coal”, NK Neftisa, “Orsknefteorgsintez”.

Finished boarding school for boys Harrow School in London and Oxford University with a degree in Geology. After graduation he worked in Gencor. After returning to Russia, headed “Forteinvest” (the company is in the group of Safmar).

Prior to joining pension funds of NPF “Doverie”, NPF “European pension Fund” and NPF Regionfond NPF to Safmar was listed along with Mikail Shishkhanova and said-Salaam Gutseriev (the brother of Mikhail Gutseriev) the ultimate owner of these pension funds.

In March 2016 wedding said Gutseriev became one of the most significant events in social life of Moscow and London. It was made by sting, Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez. On the wedding dress of the bride spent 27 million rubles, on its head ornament with jewels — €5 million

Grigory Guselnikov

Born February 25, 1976 in Novosibirsk. Graduated from Tomsk Polytechnical University on a speciality “Economy”, since 1996 operates in the banking sector. In 2001, he headed the Department of retail business of the Bank, and by 2008 became its President. In 2010, Guselnikov left the Bank and became head of the Board of Directors of Vyatka-Bank.

In February 2012 Guselnikov announced unscheduled checks in Vyatka-Bank by the Central Bank. The inspectors, according to him, was interested in accounts of the “Fund to support initiatives of the Governor of the Kirov region” (at the time it was Nikita Belykh) and “Legal company Bulk and partners.” Also Guselnikov said that the Bank has received a request from the interior Ministry, which ordered to send police a list of foreign Contracting companies and municipal enterprises of the Kirov region, served at his Bank.

In December 2013 Guselnikov as a partner of the investment Fund G2 Capital Partners acquired 50% plus one share of the Latvian Norvik Banka, and in June 2014 increased its stake to 82%. In October 2014, Norvik Banka became the major shareholder of Vyatka-Bank, and in July 2015 the Kirov asset Gusel’nikova received a new name — Norvik Bank (according to the Central Bank of Russia on 1 March 2017, its assets are 13.6 billion rubles).

Guselnikov familiar to the Russian audience as a member of the club “What? Where? When?” the Keeper of traditions of which he is since 2010. In November 2015 Guselnikov took part in the transfer as a connoisseur.

In one of his interviews Guselnikov called making money soulless occupation. “I would do with interest, I stopped doing it. All mental things are not associated with earning, and waste,” — said Gusel’nikov.

The evening of March 27, the press service of Sberbank reported that the Bank had reached an agreement with the Latvian-Belarusian consortium about the sale of 100% of its Ukrainian “daughter”. The name of the Latvian Bank was mentioned, and the Belarusian company was not mentioned.

Later, the press service of Norvik Banka announced that the major shareholder of an investment consortium, which has signed an agreement to acquire the Ukrainian division of the Russian savings Bank, became a Belarusian company, which is owned by the British citizen Saeed Gutseriev. “The acquired Bank has an excellent infrastructure: in its platform the previous owner, Sberbank of Russia, have invested hundreds of millions of dollars. This is a solid basis for the development and quality of the project’s growth”, — quoted the press service quoted rates.

The main shareholder of the Latvian Bank is a citizen of the UK Grigory Guselnikov, the former President of the Bank. “I am confident that today’s agreement will open a new page in the development of the financial system of Ukraine”, — he said then.