Russia suspended the Memorandum of safety in Syria

The Russian side is suspending the action concluded with the United States of the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents and ensuring the safety of aviation operations in Syria. This is stated in the statement the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia.

In addition, the foreign Ministry called for an emergency meeting of the UN security Council to discuss the missile strike, the US air base from government forces in Syria.

“We repeatedly expressed its readiness to cooperate in the solution of the hot issues of the day, among which in the first place — the fight against international terrorism. But we will never agree with the illegitimate actions against the legitimate Syrian authorities, who for a long time are a relentless war against international terrorism”, — is spoken in the message of the guardian.

The foreign Ministry also stressed that the U.S. is “thoughtless approach, which only exacerbates the world’s problems and poses a threat to international security” and not doing this for the first time.